Record Global Media Coverage for CKGSB in 2014
January 7, 2015

In 2014, CKGSB and its world-class faculty were mentioned in more than 300 original articles in top-tier international media – a staggering 200% increase over 2013 – and that’s not to mention a whole range of additional coverage through reprinted articles and syndicated material. Some of the media outlets include The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Economist, BBC News, CCTV, Al Jazeera, Associated Press, Forbes, Fortune and South China Morning Post, as well as reputable outlets in Japan, Korea, Russia and elsewhere.

There are too many to list in full but here are some of the highlights:

In addition to her insights on various aspects of China’s economy, Finance Professor Gan Jie drew a lot of attention for her groundbreaking, large-scale survey on China’s industrial economy. That drew her a front page mention on the print edition of the Wall Street Journal, plus an entire WSJ China Real Time article devoted to her survey.

CKGSB’s Founding Dean Xiang Bing was profiled at length by senior FT reporter Della Bradshaw for the paper’s Meet the Dean column, which saw Dr Xiang star on the FT’s Business Education homepage, as well as a video interview and a photoshoot in the City of London! Dean Xiang’s wrote regular column pieces, explaining why he remains optimistic about China’s economy, discussed CKGSB’s influential alumni network with Forbes Korea  and featured prominently in a CNBC Japan documentary about the school and its programs.

Teng Bingsheng, was hugely popular with the media in 2014, featuring in no fewer than five separate articles while on one trip to Singapore to attend a forum about Chasing the China Dream, including a prime spot on BBC News talking about Alibaba and the largest IPO in history. One interview he did on the company’s prospects was republished in ForbesForbes IndiaChina Business Review and Sina, while he was also a regular in Korean and Japanese media, appearing in Chosun Biz discussing imitation vs innovation, and comparing the varied talents of Korean business leaders in the Korea Economic Daily, as well as featuring in Japan’s Diamond Online and Bungei Shunjyu.

Like Teng Bingsheng, Chen Long was another CKGSB professor often asked to comment on Alibaba, earning Chen appearances in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere. In fact, so close were his links to China’s most talked about company that he actually joined the group late this year, though he will continue to work closely with the school and has already returned as a guest lecturer.

Professor Li Wei featured prominently in many articles throughout the year, none more so than in an Associated Press article about the APEC conference in November</a which was reprinted in countless media outlets around the world, thanks to AP’s huge distribution network. He also appeared in video form, talking to the WSJ Digital about implementing the rule of law in China.

Other TV appearances by CKGSB faculty came from Professor Liu Jing, who was interviewed on CCTV talking about outbound investment, and from Finance Professor Prof Zhou Chunsheng who was featured in a live segment on Al Jazeera. Prof Zhou’s column for the school magazine about the implications of China’s new place in the global economic order was also one of the most popular – and topical – articles of the year. Additionally, he was interviewed at length by the China Economic Review and was also a favorite with Korean media.

Associate Professor of Strategy and Economics Brian Viard wrote a column that was picked up by Fortune China, as well as a piece on China’s salt monopoly for Forbes that was linked to and quoted throughout the year, while also making it into Korean media.

Li Haitao was quoted at length on the school’s advantages in China by Korean outlet DongA Ilbo, while Sun Baohong and Teng Bingsheng were both featured in a China Daily article about Chinese companies going global. Li Xiaoyang explored the reasons Chinese companies are interested in overseas M&As in the Maeil Business Newspaper.

Among the other highlights were Juliet Zhu’s column on how environmental noise affects productivity and creativity in the workplace, which was picked up by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Mei Jianping’s mentions in both the Wall Street Journal and the Guardian discussing two of his specialties – real estate and art.

There were many others – hundreds of other, in fact – but this brief sample shows how widely respected CKGSB’s world-class faculty members are. Expect more of the same in 2015!

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