China Immersion
It has been an enlightening experience and a great opportunity to gather useful insights about the Chinese market. The information will help us a lot to understand better the current opportunities we could have if we decide to enter the Chinese market, the risks and difficulties we could face and how to approach them."
Gabriela Mendoza Rohde
Head of Business Development, Bravofly Rumbo Group
About the Program

CKGSB China Immersion Program is designed for high potential MBA/EMBA students from leading business schools/organizations around the world. The program is customizable and typically one to two weeks in duration.

  • The program helps the participants gain a deeper understanding of the fast-changing Chinese economy. Exclusively built for future global business leaders interested in China’s economy and management.

  • Here we offer you:

    • Key success and failure factors in doing business with a changing China
    • Awareness of the challenges faced by foreign companies entering the Chinese market
    • Strategies for selecting local partners and insights on how to overcome cultural differences
    • Integration of China’s procurement and manufacturing base into existing supply chains
    • Potential business opportunities from leading and promising companies in fast-growing China
  • CKGSB’s campuses in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen offer learning facilities in China’s key business cities, providing students the greatest flexibility in their studies and experience. CKGSB has a dedicated program manager who will work with the school and students to arrange visas, travel and hotel accommodations.

    Flagship program that has been running for ten years, our program has corporated with many renowned institutions in the world, including:

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    The program will be specially designed according to your students’ interests, careers and needs. Normally, our program will comprise lectures, case studies, panel discussions, company visits, networking events and cultural activities, etc.

    China Immersion Programme Schedule for 2018
    • Lectures

      CKGSB is proud to bring academic rigor and resources to research China by analyzing Chinese culture heritage and the influence of globalization. Our partner institutions enjoy rich coverage on current topics from CKGSB. These topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

      • China’s Transformation & Global Implications
      • Reemergence of China: Causes, Effects and Prospects
      • Modern China’s Growth: Comparison with Major Economies
      • The Latest Financial Reforms and Innovations in China
      • China’s Reforms: Its Financial System and Policies
      • Alternative Investment in China
      • Strategies for Entering the Chinese Market: Alliance & Acquisition
      • Strategic Marketing in China
      • Complex Chinese Markets: City Tier Differences
      • Puzzling Chinese Consumers
      • Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Social Network Marketing in China
      • The Future of “Made in China”
      • Supply Chain Management in China
      • New Mindsets of Innovation
      • Strategic Human Resources Management: A Chinese Perspective
      • Organizational Design for Effectiveness and Innovation
      • Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Eastern vs. Western Ways
      • Development in Chinese Financial Markets
    • Company Visits

      We arrange visits to industry-leading companies that will provide close-up views of China’s business landscape. Visits will be customized to meet the partner institution’s academic needs and students’ professional interests. Some of CKGSB’s close partners include the following companies:

    • Networking Events

      CKGSB’s alumni group is recognized as one of the most exclusive in China. More than half of our 10,000+ alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level and, collectively, lead one fifth of China’s leading brands. They work across different industries such as financial services and manufacturing, as well as the high-tech, internet and tertiary sectors.

      You will be introduced to, and immersed within, a network of some of China’s most successful entrepreneurs, leaders of China’s largest state-owned enterprises and top regional executives at multinational corporations.

    • Cities & Destinations

      CKGSB will take participants to flourishing metropolises and growing second and third tier cities to have a deeper insight of China’s cultural context, social environment and business landscape. Cities and destinations that participants can visit include:

      • Beijing: China’s Political & Cultural Center
      • Shanghai: China’s Financial Center
      • Hangzhou: Paradise on Earth
      • Shenzhen: City of Innovation
    Basic Program Information
    • Date & Fee
      The program’s duration, location and language can be customized to your needs.
      Further details are available on request.
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    Flagship program that has been running for ten years, our program has corporated with many renowned institutions in the world, including:

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