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Professor of Economics

PhD, University of Michigan

Associate Dean for MBA
Areas of Expertise:
Corruption, Financial Markets, Macroeconomics, Managerial Incentives and Market Competition, Real Estate, Reform, Taxation, Telecommunications Privatization, Valuation in Emerging Markets
CKGSB Professor of Economics Li Wei gives a presentation on the state of China’s economy at London’s iconic Ritz Hotel.
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    Professor of Economics

    Associate Dean of English MBA
    Director of CKGSB Case Center
    Director of CKGSB China Economy and Sustainable Development Center
    PhD, University of Michigan

    Areas of Expertise: Corruption, Financial Markets, Macroeconomics, Managerial Incentives and Market Competition, Real Estate, Reform, Taxation, Telecommunications Privatization, Valuation in Emerging Markets


    Dr Li Wei is Professor of Economics, Associate Dean of English MBA, Director of the Case Center and Director of the China Economy and Sustainable Development Center at CKGSB. He formerly served as a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia.

    Previously, he was a research associate at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Studies and taught at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

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    • DBA
    • EE
    • EMBA
    • Chinese MBA
    • English MBA
    • Global Programs

    Core Macroeconomics and Emerging Markets
    Core Global Economies and Markets

  • Li’s research has been published in the Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Review, Rand Journal of Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Public Economics, and the Journal of Comparative Economics.

    He wrote the book Investing in Emerging Markets, published by the CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research). His research insights have been featured in Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and CNNfn.

    • Robam: Passing On and Transforming a Family Business, 2015
    • Qihoo 360: The Choice to Go Private, 2016 
    • General Electric: Gains and Losses of Integration, 2016
  • Selected Publications

    1. “Can Stock Price Movements Inform Operational Improvement Efforts? Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry,” with Marc Lipson, Kamalini Ramdas, and Jonathan Williams, 2010, under review at Management Science.
    2. “Regulatory Reforms in the Telecommunications Sector in Developing Countries: The Role of Democracy and Private Interests,” with Christine Qian and Lixin Colin Xu, forthcoming in World Economy.
    3. “Tax Structures in Developing Countries: Puzzles and Possible Explanations”, with Gordon, Roger H., Journal of Public Economics, vol. 93, pp. 855-866, August 2009.
    4. “Maoist Economics”, in The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, Second Edition. Eds. Durlauf, Steven N. & Blume, Lawrence E., Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
    5. “Market Integration in Developed and Emerging Markets: Evidence from the CAPM”, with Bruner, Robert F., Kritzman, Mark, Myrgren, Simon & Page, Sebastien, Emerging Markets Review, vol. 9, pp. 89-103, 2008.
    6. “Trade, Technology, and China’s Rising Skill Demand”, with Xu, Bin, Economics of Transition, vol. 16, pp. 59-84, January 2008.
    7. “Comments on ‘Measuring the Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy in Korea’”, in Takatoshi, Ito and Rose, Andrew (eds.), Fiscal Policy and Management in East Asia, NBER-East Asia Seminar on Economics vol. 16, 2007.
    8. “Puzzling Tax Structure in Developing Countries: A Comparison of Two Alternative Explanations”, with Gordon, Roger H., in Takatoshi, Ito and Rose, Andrew (eds.), Fiscal Policy and Management in East Asia, NBER-East Asia Seminar on Economics vol. 16, 2007.
    9. “Taxation and Economic Growth in China”, with Gordon, Roger H., in Critical Issues in China’s Growth and Development, Ashgate, 2005.
    10. “The Great Leap Forward: Anatomy of a Central Planning Disaster,” with Dennis Tao Yang, Journal of Political Economy, 113:840 – 877, August 2005.
    11. “The impact of privatization and competition in the Telecommunications Sector Around the World,” with Lixin Colin Xu, Journal of Law & Economics, October 2004.
    12. “Government as a Discriminating Monopolist in the Financial Market: The Case of China,” with Roger H. Gordon, Journal of Public Economics, 87:283-312, 2003.
    13. “Introduction to ‘Valuation in Emerging Markets’,” with Robert F.Bruner, Robert M. Conroy, Javier Estrada, and Mark Kritzman, Emerging Markets Review, 3:310-324, September 2002.
    14. “The Political Economy of Privatization and Competition: Cross-Country Evidence from the Telecommunications Sector,” with Lixin Colin Xu, Journal of Comparative Economics, 30:1-25, September 2002.
    15. “Tax Rights in Transition Economies: A Tragedy of the Commons?” with Daniel Berkowitz, Journal of Public Economics, 76, 369-97, June 2000.
    16. “A Tale of Two Reforms,” Rand Journal of Economics, 30:1, Spring 1999.
    17. “Selection of Children to Provide Care: The Effects of Earlier Parental Transfers,” with John C. Henretta, Martha Hill, Beth Soldo and Douglas A. Wolf, Journal of Gerontology, 52B, 110-119, 1997.
    18. “The Impact of Economic Reforms on the Performance of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises,” Journal of Political Economy, 105:5, 1080-1106, October 1997.
    19. “Asymptotic Equivalence of Estimators of Average Derivative,” 52,241-45, Economics Letters, November 1996.
    20. “The Change in Productivity of Chinese State Enterprises, 1983-1987,” with Roger H. Gordon, Journal of Productivity Analysis, 6, 5-26, April 1995.
    21. “Chinese Enterprise Behavior under the Reforms,” with Roger H. Gordon, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 81, 202-6, May 1991.

    Working Paper

    1. “Can Stock Price Movements Inform Operational Improvement Efforts? Evidence from the US Airline Industry,” with Marc Lipson, Kamalini Ramdas, and Jonathan Williams, 2010.  Under review at Management Science.
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