Korean EMBA Module 2 Completed: Strategic Marketing in China
January 25, 2016

More than 60 Korean business leaders and next-gen entrepreneurs came together at CKGSB’s Shanghai campus this month for the latest session of the CKGSB EMBA on China Business for Korean Leaders. The second module, ‘Strategic Marketing in China,’ was held from January 14-17 and covered consumer studies and marketing strategies in conjunction with company visits where ideas from the classroom were seen being put into practice.

CKGSB Professor of Marketing Zhu Rui at the session ‘Understanding Chinese Consumers

CKGSB Professor of Marketing Zhu Rui led the first session ‘Understanding Chinese Consumers’. By studying the analytics behind the headlines, she diagnosed why people sometimes make biased and irrational choices contrary to the prerequisite notions of traditional economics.

Asian School of Business EMBA Professor Perry Chou then conducted an in-depth lecture about the ‘New Business in the Era of Web 3.0’. Welcoming the web’s 3.0 generation, he suggested flexible tactics for companies to respond and adapt in today’s rapidly changing environment, allowing students to find suitable solutions for their enterprises.

O2O real estate e-commerce group Fangdd.com in Shanghai’s Zhabei district


A company visit was arranged to Fangdd.com, an O2O real estate e-commerce group, located in Shanghai’s Zhabei district. Founded in 2011, the company connects 60 million people, working as intermediaries, across more than 50 cities in China. Students who visited Fangdd.com’s head office had lively discussions, including a question and answer session with management there to understand the company’s strategy.


CKGSB students during the company visit to Fangdd.com

On the third day, NYU Professor Chen Yuxin shared his findings about the models that affect marketing in China in his talk entitled ‘The Influence of Traditional and Modern Culture to China Marketing’. He proposed two keywords that best represent China marketing – ‘xiang’ (share) and ’xin’ (faith) – before introducing a two-dimensional model that breaks down culture into five types.

CKGSB students engaged in a Q&A session, company introductions and a networking dinner

Company introductions then followed, with students from Korea giving presentations about their businesses and showing how each of their companies approach the China market. Networking time was also provided during dinner on the third day, which took on a friendly atmosphere after so much hard work. Since many of the course’s participants are targeting the Chinese market, they had good opportunities to form an important network, or ‘guanxi,’ to share concerns, swap wisdom gained in the field and explore concrete business cooperation opportunities.

CKGSB Professor Li Yang delivered a lecture on the module’s final day

CKGSB Assistant Professor of Marketing Li Yang’s lecture ‘Community, Big Data & Internet Plus’ was delivered in the morning session on the last day, in which he presented various cases about social marketing, big data and the Internet of Things. In the afternoon, a lecture entitled ‘Marketing in the Post-Internet Era’ was delivered by industry speaker Jason Kwan, founder and CEO of Smartac.

Below is a selection of the feedback received after the second module:

 “I got deep insights into the latest trends in marketing by examining the face of
a rapidly changing China, all the while studying in Shanghai, far from familiar surroundings”

– Kim Sang-Hun, CEO of Naver

“It’s a great program for networking between Korea and China,
businessmen and experts, and the past and the future.”

Kang Hyo-Sang, Director for Future Strategy of Chosun Ilbo


The third module, ‘Strategies for Successful Alliances in China,’ will take place at CKGSB’s Beijing campus from March 24-27.

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Understand China from the inside

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