Boardroom Briefing Program
Boardroom Briefing Program
We could go and talk to the leading European business schools, we could go and talk to the leading US business schools. But if you want to get a view on globalization through a China lens then it is much more valuable for our senior management to come to Beijing to listen to the views of experts at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business because that gives us the perspective we need to make very important decisions around our business.
Malcolm Sweeting
Senior Partner, Clifford Chance
CKGSB is the first premium business school for cultivating entrepreneurs in China. Thus, we should watch CKGSB's initiatives to understand China's future development.
Kobayashi Yoshimitsu
Chairman of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
One of CKGSB’s great strengths is that, being independent, it is able to project an objective view of what is happening in China. This makes for well-rounded Executive Education and a well-rounded experience.
Sir Tom Hunter
Founder, West Coast Capital

CKGSB Boardroom Briefing is an intense program specially designed for global leadership teams whose future strategies are closely bound with Chinese economic growth.

  • With leading Chinese scholars, industry experts and government officials, Boardroom Briefing Program presents you multiple paradoxes inherent to China’s current economic, social, demographic and technological development, and introduces desirable commercial mindset to interpret them.

  • Putting the development of Chinese business into a global perspective, this program will help you understand the implications of Chinas explosive growth in the context of the globalization and China’s intricate policies. You will leave this program knowing how to better formulate your company strategy for success in the Chinese market and always staying one step ahead in this changing market. This program also helps your team:

    • See the world through the China lens
    • Learn the historical and culturalbases of Chinese business concepts
    • Understand key characteristics of China’s economicdevelopment
    • Understand the global implications of China’s economic rise

    Who Should Attend

    Boards of multinational companies who want to understand the global implications of China’s rise and who want to enter or develop their position in the Chinese marketplace.


    The program will be specially designed according to your companys interests, characteristics and needs. Normally, our program will cover the themes below during 1-3days:

    • China’s transformations and its implications
    • How business works with politics in China
    • Cultural and historical foundations of China’s Re-emergence 
    • China’s Growth Model and the Globalization of Chinese companies
    • Strategies for entering Chinese Market
    • Comparison and contrast with other major economies
    • MNCs: Re-discovering the China Dream

    All themes will be presented by our world-class faculty renowned for both academic and business prestige. Successful industry speakers will be also invited to our class to share with you the most cutting-edge information. Leading company visits can be also arranged for your needs. Our partners include:

    Program Basic Info
    • DATE & FEE
      The program’s duration, location and language can be customized to the client’s needs.
      Further details are available on request.
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