CKGSB hosts University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and ESIC Business and Marketing School at the 2019 MBA China Module
May 23, 2019

[May 22, 2019, Beijing] CKGSB held its latest MBA China Module program at its Beijing campus, hosting the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business from the US and ESIC Business and Marketing School students from Spain as part of a specially-designed two-week course aimed at developing next-generation business leaders for the global economy. The program enables participants to meet the shifting needs of global business, particularly through gaining insight into doing business in China and working with Chinese companies that operate globally.

2019 CKGSB MBA China Module welcoming participants this year from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and ESIC Business and Marketing School

Christine Zaccack, 2019 Ross School of Business MBA student said, “CKGSB’s Global MBA China Module program has given me the chance to better understand and gain a different perspective in what business looks like in China and what different types of enterprises are doing in this market, such as better understanding SOEs and growing companies in China. That’s a perspective that I wouldn’t have had a chance to experience at my MBA.”

China Module has hosted top business schools around the world, such as Colombia Business School. Besides this program, CKGSB also partners with leading schools across disciplines, such as Columbia Engineering, Berkeley Engineering, Hebrew University, Cambridge University’s Churchill College, and NYU Shanghai to deliver truly global programs that draw on the strengths of each institution. More than 3,000 international students have completed such Executive Education programs at CKGSB. Through these programs’ innovative curriculum, our world-renowned faculty and our senior-level business executives in the alumni network, students have access to exciting new ideas, ground-breaking research and innovative business practices originating from China.

The two-week MBA China Module course covered 9 academic topics, examining specific business and economic issues in the context of China, including ‘China’s Transformation and its Global Implications’ taught by CKGSB’s Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization, Xiang Bing; ‘China’s Economic Outlook’ taught by Professor of Economics, Li Wei, who was previously tenured at UVA Darden School of Business; ‘Multinationals’ Winning Strategies in China: Innovations and Alliances’ taught by Professor of Strategic Management, Teng Bingsheng, who was previously tenured at George Washington University; ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation in China’ taught by Professor of Accounting and Finance, Liu Jing, who was previously tenured at UCLA Anderson School of Management; ‘How Technology Can Drive Business’ taught by Associate Professor of Accounting Zhang Weining, who taught at National University of Singapore before; ‘China’s Financial Markets’ taught by Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance, Ou-Yang Hui, who previously taught at Duke University; ‘Consumerism and Chinese Internet’ taught by Associate Professor of Marketing, Li Yang, who previously taught at Columbia Business School; and ‘The Future of Retail: Experiences and Lessons from China’ taught by Associate Professor of Marketing, Jing Bing, who taught at NYU Stern School of Business.

As ESIC Business and Marketing School’s Luis Eduardo Lassus describes, “I think that Dean Xiang’s lecture was very interesting because he talked about the China market and how it was growing. I found it very interesting, because if you want to invest, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you definitely have to search the China market, because there you have many opportunities, so I think for us who are studying right now, it is a very good idea to know more about the China market.” The wide range of topics are specifically prepared to encourage program participants to reflect on how they can best adapt to such transformational changes in their company’s global strategy, as well as understand how changes in Chinese economic policies are creating new business opportunities.

CKGSB Associate Dean for Asia and Europe and Professor Strategic Management Teng Bingsheng delivering a lecture on ‘Multinationals’ Winning Strategies in China: Innovations and Alliances’

Program participants also had the opportunity to visit and tour five leading companies in innovation and technology including Microsoft, Tencent and Lenovo, to not only gain first-hand insight into the companies, but also familiarize themselves with the day-to-day operations of prominent and innovative enterprises working in China.

Program participants at an interactive company visit to Microsoft’s Beijing office

Through the program, participants are able to see the world through the China lens, while also gaining insight into how the globalization of Chinese companies are affecting the world economy and various industries therein.

CKGSB MBA students also partake in the MBA Module, including a joint team project that enables them to interact with peers from China and abroad. The program included plenty of networking and cultural activities in Beijing, which provide participants with the opportunity to get to know each other better and experience China’s rich and complex history and culture on-the-ground.

MBA student from Ross School of Business, Derrick Bryson says, “Something that I would like to say to future CKGSB China Module program students who are considering joining – DO IT! It is an incredible experience to come here, to interact with the students, to interact with some of the brightest of minds and professors in the world. I learnt how international business in China is done. It’s been an incredible experience, learning from them and being able to experience the culture. I was really impressed by Dean Xiang’s lecture, I really took away from it the historical aspect. He really gave an overview of all the dynasties in China throughout history and it really allowed me to understand the context for business and policies.”

Participants on a cultural tour visiting The Temple of Heaven in Beijing

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