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China's Middle Class

Aiming for the Top: Can China Escape the Middle Income Trap?

Since 1960, only 15 countries have escaped the so-called “middle-income trap.

by Colin Shek | May. 23 2019

Should China Worry About the Finances of Its Rising Middle Class?

China is counting on the middle class to drive consumption levels higher, yet consumer debt keeps climbing.

by Douglas Bulloch | Apr. 2 2018

Working it Out: New Trends in Fitness in China

A fundamental generational change in attitude is happening: business people in China have started to question lavish banquets with too.

by Ida Knox | Jan. 9 2017

China’s Middle Class, the Middle Minority

The emerging middle class is the starting point for many discussions on China’s economy and society. But who are.

by Tom Nunlist | Sep. 28 2016

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