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Li Haitao

Changing Supply Chains

Global supply chains are changing and China may fare better by approaching this shift with a more open and market.

by Li Haitao | Jun. 7 2023

AI and Finance: Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

Professor Li Haitao explores the role of AI in the fintech industry.

by Li Haitao | Mar. 28 2018

Yuan Devaluation is More Likely a Sign of Market Reforms

PBOC’s move to devaluing the RMB didn’t just follow weak exports data, but also IMF requirements for more.

by Li Haitao | Aug. 17 2015

How China’s Economic Stimulus Can Avoid the Missteps of 2009

Early indications show that the Chinese government’s efforts to prop up the economy might be able to steer clear.

by Li Haitao | Aug. 13 2015

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