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China’s Music Industry to Break Through Internationally

As the world’s most populous country, China should have the potential to become the world’s most profitable music.

by Erica Martin | Feb. 13 2018

Curating Chinese Art: Abstract Value

In November 2015, Chinese collector Liu Yiqian spent $170.4 million, the second-largest amount ever spent on an artwork.

by Erica Martin | Apr. 26 2016

Luxury in China: Bling it On!

As the number of high net worth individuals in China increases, people are developing a taste for luxury. According to.

by Erica Martin | Jan. 12 2016

Game On: Companies Battle for the Chinese video game market

In China a healthy gaming culture centered around PC games, and more recently, mobile games, is thriving. Despite a historic.

by Erica Martin | Nov. 23 2015

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