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  • Located in the vibrant commercial district Central, CKGSB’s Hong Kong representative office gives our professors and researchers access to one of the world’s most dynamic financial centers, a city which has been long known as a gateway to mainland China and the emerging economies of Southeast Asia.

  • The Hong Kong office houses our Research Center on Sustainable and Inclusive Development, which aims to become the thought leader on innovative and interdisciplinary research into sustainability, intergenerational income equity, and the environment in China. Echoing CKGSB’s mission to mold students into responsible, caring and cultivated entrepreneurs with principle and integrity, the Center’s mission is to elevate awareness and the fundamentals of sustainability issues through cutting edge outreach initiatives and multidiscipline research.

  • The Hong Kong representative office also acts as a liaison for CKGSB with the Hong Kong community. It partners with local universities and international organizations on strategic collaborations, and co-organizes trainings and seminars with organizations from the Hong Kong community.

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    February 19, 2020

    Dear all students, staff and members of the CKGSB community,

    As the public health emergency caused by COVID-19 is still ongoing, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. The safety of our staff and students are our top priority at this point, which is why all staff members will work remotely for the time being. In addition, we will offer online learning to our students, in order to continue our curriculum offering, and provide a series of webinars for the wider community on relevant topics.

    Fundamental to the core of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business’ (CKGSB) vision is to cultivate transformative business leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility. To this extent, I’m extremely proud to see the CKGSB community coming together in recent weeks to provide support through donations big and small. Meanwhile, our professors are examining the economic and social impact of the virus and will continue to release data and analysis in the coming weeks.

    We will continue to support relief efforts and work together with government agencies, private corporations and international organizations in a meaningful way. Our thoughts and wishes are with all of the people affected by the COVID-19.


    XIANG Bing
    Founding Dean
    Professor of China Business and Globalization
    Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business