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Our Mission

Since our founding, we have sought to cultivate business leaders with a global vision, a humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility and an innovative mindset.

Dr. Xiang Bing CKGSB Founding Dean
Who We Are
What makes Us Different?

Innovation is embedded in our DNA

  • We are China’s first faculty-governed independent business school. This is vital because it is the basis for academic independence and free scholarly inquiry. Without these qualities, we would not have been able to recruit and retain the world’s leading business scholars who form our faculty body of more than 40 full-time professors. These scholars, in turn, guide the research efforts that have made CKGSB a global expert in China business insights.

  • We take an unconventional approach to business education by focusing on the educational needs of C-suite executives looking to develop their companies further. This top-down approach has enabled us to become the preferred choice of more than 10,000 business executives, more than half of whom are at the CEO or Chairman level of top Chinese and multinational companies.

  • CKGSB has pioneered the integration of humanities into management education. Our Executive MBA students are required to complete 48 hours of community service prior to graduation. Moreover, we initiated the first compulsory philanthropy EMBA course module in China. We believe business leaders should lead with big hearts and give back to their communities and the wider world.

    EMBA students per year, 80% of whom are above the Vice-President level
    Facts and Figures
    • ALUMNI
      • 600 EMBA Students
      • 25% International
      • >50% of EE Students
      • 50% of DBA Students' Firms
      • 40+ Full-Time
      • 50% Tenured
      • 58 Global Awards
      • 400+ Case Studies
      • 10,000+ Alumni
      • 1/5 of China’s Top Brands
      • 10 Best Performing CEOs
      • 66 of Fortune China's Top 500
    Up Close With Our Founding Dean- The Keys to China Success With CKGSB
    Message from li ka-shing

    While traditional Confucian philosophy stresses high moral standards, the majority of contemporary business management courses regard profitability as the main measure of success for corporations. However, true success requires a blending of value systems.

    An entrepreneur with a sense of mission should possess clear objectives that not only safeguard the best interests of the organization but also achieve success with integrity. Today’s leaders must nurture a corporate culture that promotes trust and respect, while, more importantly, building both personal and corporate credibility, an intangible value not found on the balance sheet, but perhaps a firm’s most valuable asset.

    —— Li Ka-shing

    Senior Advisor of CK Asset Holdings Limited and CK Hutchison Holdings Limited and Chairman of Li Ka Shing Foundation;
    CKGSB was founded through the generous
    support of the Li Ka Shing Foundation.

    The Meaning of "Cheung Kong"

    In the Cantonese dialect of Hong Kong, “Cheung Kong” is the name for the Yangtze River, the mighty waterway that originates in the Tibetan plateau and courses across the entire span of China. A symbol of the vast reach of China’s territory, it has also been a prized source of fertility and material abundance for farmers and fisherman over thousands of years of history. In that sense, the river aptly represents China’s vast economic growth potential today.

    Drawing increasing strength and speed from tributaries as it nears the ocean, the Yangtze River also exemplifies the power of unified action – an idea that finds its analog at CKGSB in an emphasis on teamwork and shared learning through group projects.


    It gives me immense pride that since its founding in 2002, CKGSB has become the global leader for scholarly insight into China’s economic transformations.

    CKGSB would not have been able to accomplish this without our world-class faculty, which now stands at more than 40 full-time professors.

    These scholars guide CKGSB’s cutting-edge research on global business issues and China-specific topics such as competition and collaboration in China and the global implications of China’s development.

    It is these unrivaled insights that have made CKGSB the preferred choice of business leaders from around China and the world. Among these business leaders are:

    • More than 2,500 CEOs and Chairmen among the 5,000 graduates of our English MBA, Chinese MBA and Executive MBA degree programs

    • More than 10,000 Chinese executive education participants from a range of firms, including: state-owned enterprises like Bank of China and Sinopec; innovative private-sector companies such as Huawei and Lenovo; and successful multinationals like Amazon and Apple

    • More than 1,200 international participants in our English-language executive education programs, including entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter and the executive management teams from leading global organizations such as top-ten law firm Clifford Chance and power systems maker Cummins

    Over the coming decade, CKGSB will attract more leading scholars, doubling the size of our faculty. This will allow us to expand the volume and scope of our research and offer cutting-edge management education to many more of the world’s brightest and most influential business leaders.

    CKGSB will also partner with leading organizations around the world to offer new programs covering topics such as: globalization; innovation; inclusive and sustainable growth; the next-generation relationship between state and government; and the impact of the interaction between management and exponential technologies like advanced agriculture and 3D manufacturing.

    As in our past endeavors, we will cooperate with partners around the globe to launch these ambitious programs. I encourage you to explore ways to participate in CKGSB’s global community so that we can work together to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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