With China headlines filling global business media and Alibaba claiming the title of the largest IPO in history, don’t you wish you knew more about China and what’s really happening there? There’s nothing quite like being in China to experience it firsthand and CKGSB’s China Module is the perfect introduction.

CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing went head-to-head with China scholar Orville SCHELL in a dynamic discussion, covering everything from China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm to the ongoing tensions in the South China Sea.

What are the key factors driving the explosive growth of China’s e-commerce market and will online and mobile eventually replace brick-and-mortar stores? How is e-commerce changing the behavior of Chinese consumers and what’s in store for the sector going forward? CKGSB professors and industry experts gathered to discuss these, and other, questions.

With technology disrupting a range of traditional industries and the marketplace now more globally competitive than ever, it is essential for companies to utilize every available advantage. At a recent talk given across two CKGSB campuses, Professor Yan Aimin outlined some strategies for how companies can transform their business.

China’s surging stock market isn’t just exciting domestic investors. At a recent high-level conference in Korea, attendees flocked to hear the insights of CKGSB Professor of Finance Gan Jie and an impressive panel of experts, who shared suitable opportunities for investment in China.

CKGSB Professor Teng Bingsheng’s case study about Xiaomi’s strategic advantages and disadvantages has been published in the Dong-A Business Review, Korea’s equivalent of the Harvard Business Review.

June 4 marked the completion of the third Dong-A Economic Leaders’ Academy (DELA) Global Networking Program, which was held at CKGSB’s Beijing campus. Together with CKGSB, Korea’s leading media Dong-A offers the DELA Program to foster international exchange among economists and deepen understandings of the Chinese financial market. Participants of the DELA Program, which comprised of senior executives of Korean enterprises received certificates from CKGSB.

CKGSB Professor Gan Jie discussed her 2015 Q1 Business Sentiment Index (BSI) survey results at a media roundtable in Seoul recently. Nine top-tier Korean media were in attendance and the talk generated widespread media coverage.

Reports claiming the end of growth in China are greatly exaggerated, according to two CKGSB professors. The potential of an advanced domestic financial sector mean that China's best days still lie ahead.

CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing describes the school’s philosophy toward corporate social responsibility during a keynote speech at the fourth Partners in Business Ethics Conference at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Chinese experts see remarkable potential in the earning power of millions of new global Chinese consumers. But what do foreign multinational companies need to know in order to appeal to the next generation of Chinese consumers? 

US commercial properties are attracting Asian investors in record-breaking fashion, with luxury hotels and other “trophy” buildings in the coastal, “gateway” cities of New York, L.A., San Francisco and Washington, D.C., among the most sought-after purchases, according to Susan Stupin and Ted Gamble, Principals and Co-Founders of The Prescott Group, a NY-based real estate investment and asset management firm.

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