Dean Xiang Bing: Take Advantage of Chinese Government’s National Agenda
February 15, 2016

At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, erudite scholars shared their expectations and concerns about China’s economy. George Soros, a business magnate and investor, pointed out that a hard landing seems inevitable for China economy’s before long.

Xiang Bing, Founding Dean of CKGSB, shared his views about the issue as an expert who deeply understands the inner workings of China. “China is going through a process to become the world’s economic superpower just like US, which suffered from the Great Depression in the 1930s, as well as a stock market slump,” said Dean Xiang in an interview conducted with Chosun Ilbo, Korea’s most influential newspaper.

The article also cites Xiang Bing’s comments about China’s global influence in accordance with its recent socio-economic changes:

“There are concerns that 6.5% growth seems to be relatively low. However, the level is enough to maintain sustainable growth. Now, China has started to focus on its wealth gap and environmental issues as much as on economic growth.”

He also gave his views on the recent global economic crisis. “China’s minor recession cannot be blamed for the key reason of the global crisis, since its growth has still been higher than any other country’s economic growth.”

Dean Xiang suggested Korean companies should take full advantage of the Chinese government’s policy to nurture the service industries and boost domestic consumption. “The environmental sector is one of the most promising fields, since the Chinese government has started to care deeply about pollution,” Xiang said.

In the article, CKGSB is introduced as a global business school that is renowned for its competitiveness in its EMBA program for corporate executives. The school’s unrivaled alumni list, including Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Group, and Fu Chengyu, the former Chairman of Sinopec, was also highlighted.

To read the original article by Chosun Ilbo, please click here.

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