An exciting new partnership with the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies (aSSIST) will see CKGSB and aSSIST jointly present a brand new China Executive MBA program for their combined network of over 8,000 leading Korean and Chinese entrepreneurs.

CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing features in a highlights video for one of the world’s leading international economic and business forums, giving his thoughts alongside figures such as CKGSB alumnus and Alibaba Group chairman Jack Ma, PwC Chairman Dennis Nally and Executive Director of the IMF Paulo Nogueirga Batista.

In an interview with Korean media outlet Chosun Biz, CKGSB Associate Dean Teng Bingsheng provided helpful insight about current trends and the market situation for successful businesses in China. He also suggested solutions for Korean companies to survive amid intensifying global competition.

A capacity audience attended the first ever CKGSB-HKS co-hosted symposium in Cambridge, MA, to hear how the private sector, government and NGOs can better collaborate to create social value in a globalized world.

“We are different from the previous generation with regard to our enthusiasm towards overseas expansion.” That’s the view of CKGSB student Wu Qun, the vice president of Jiangsu Yuyue medical equipment & supply Co., Ltd and a leading example of China’s post-1980s generation making their own way in the world.

Chinese government salary caps, surging Chinese investments in the US and the future of charity in China piqued the interest of the distinguished executives attending an exclusive lecture by CKGSB Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization Xiang Bing in New York.

During an interview with Chosun Biz, one of most influential business media in Korea, Professor Liu Jing pointed out that the reason for the current market crash is quite different from former financial crises in 2002 and 2008, since the backdrop of problems can be traced to the boom of margin trading, including short sellers.

“Docu One”, one of the most popular documentary programs on Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), aired a four-part series on the changes taking place in second and third-tier cities in China. CKGSB was represented through interviews with Professor Teng Bingsheng and business investment columnist Jeong Jooyoung, a CKGSB alumnus.

“Many people believe they know all about China, which is not exactly true. Most of their knowledge is based on certain prejudice,” CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing told a journalist from prestigious Korean media outlet Chosun Biz during a recent interview at CKGSB’s Beijing campus. Read on to hear some more of Dean’s Xiang’s insightful perspectives on next-generation business education from China and his vision for the school.

Members of CKGSB’s European Advisory Board explored China’s stock market, One Belt One Road, cultural clashes between countries, Chinese investment into Europe and many other topics in a fascinating panel discussion.

The CKGSB MBA Alumni Association is calling on all its members to take part in this year’s election process, to help select a council for the next three years. The council’s aim is to enrich extracurricular and networking opportunities for alumni, while also providing a center for communication, career development, business entrepreneurship and business cooperation.

Social innovation has been engineered into CKGSB’s DNA since the school’s founding, CKGSB Americas Chief Representative Greg Marchi told attendees at United Nations Global Compact conference on responsible management education.

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