CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing was a featured speaker at the first Oxford & Cambridge Symposium on Enterprise, Ethics and Development (SEED) held recently in the UK.

Li Xiaoyang, CKGSB Professor of Economics and Finance, fielded questions from Korean investors on the reasons why Chinese companies are eyeing M&As between overseas and Chinese companies, amid a backdrop of Chinese government regulation, and the encouragement of M&As among private companies. Li was speaking at the 15th World Knowledge Forum at the Shilla Hotel, in Seoul, Korea.

Mei Jianping, CKGSB Professor of Finance and a top director at a real estate research institution, predicted in an interview with Korean newspaper E Daily that another rapid price increase in the real estate market would likely not happen within the next few years. Furthermore, he forecast that price drops may continue for a short while, before it gradually recovers.

CKGSB Europe Executive Education Director Neil Selby delivered an interactive lecture “Understanding Europe in 3 Characters and 9 Stages” to a group of FMBA students earlier this month, before leading a trip to Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum.

In an interview with Korean newspaper E Daily, Liu Jing, Associate Dean at CKGSB, talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the Chinese economy, as well as the benefits that Korean companies enjoy in the Chinese market.

CKGSB Professors Win Awards

October 12, 2014

Research plays a key role at CKGSB, with the school operating seven research centers and a case center that has produced over 300 China-specific cases and reports. Five faculty members have recently submitted papers for publication – and two of them have won awards!

In a video interview with CCTV News, Professor of Accounting & Finance and Associate Dean of Administration at CKGSB, Liu Jing, discussed the current situation in China’s outbound investment, suggesting Chinese companies should expand globally to attract more business.

On October 15, Dr. Li Xiaoyang, Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance at CKGSB, and Li Kan, Managing Partner of Long Capital & Partners (Venture Capital in TMT sector) who is also a current EMBA student at CKGSB, will speak at the World Knowledge Forum (WKF) in Seoul, Korea.

China Daily profiles an enterprising new water quality project in China, MyH2O, that has been pioneered by MBA students from CKGSB alongside their counterparts from MIT and Columbia University.

In a recent featured article in the China Daily newspaper, CKGSB Guest Lecturer Edwin Keh talks about how the supply chain holds a key role in the transition to a consumer demand driven-economy in China.

One day, CKGSB MBA students might be selling consumer goods, consulting services or start-ups. But on last Thursday and Friday, they had to sell themselves.

At a recent ASEAN Business Club Forum in Singapore, CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing gave his assessment of today’s business environment in China, and laid out why China should forge more links with ASEAN.

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