CKGSB MBA Kicks Off 7th Year of Mentorship Program

April 08, 2016

CKGSB’s annual tradition continues as its MBA students are paired up for mentoring sessions with some of the world’s top business leaders.

Many of the accomplished thought leaders and figureheads in world’s history have had a guiding hand. Confucius had Laozi; Aristotle had Plato. It is no wonder, then, that ambitious young professionals seeking to make strides along their chosen path are looking forward to meeting those who have gone before them. The CKGSB MBA Mentorship Program is one of the most highly anticipated components of a MBA student’s time at CKGSB. Following on from last year’s success, the program has just kicked off for its 7th year, with yet another distinguished panel of mentors delighted to get to know their bright young mentees.

From left to right: SUN Gao, CEO, Govest Capital; LI Haitao, Associate Dean of MBA Program at CKGSB; WANG Guangyu, Chairman, China Soft Capital; ZHANG Yongliang, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons, Martin ZHU, MBA Program Director, CKGSB

This year, the CKGSB MBA program sees close to 30 mentors take part in this tradition including the Head of Global Operations for AirBNB Varsha Rao, Global VP and President of LinkedIn China Derek Shen, Johnson & Johnson Head of COE Anthony Chan, KKR Asia Managing Director Matthew Zhang and BAI Managing Partner and CEO Annabelle Long. The mentors cover a wide range of business sectors, including TMT & Internet Innovation, Finance & Investment, consulting, and traditional industries.

Partial list of mentors for CKGSB MBA ’15 program

Varsha RAO, Head of Global Operations, AirBnB

Stephen SHIH, Partner, Bain & Company

CHEN Qihua, President, Caterpillar China

CHEN Weimin, President, Houlihan Lokey

Yann CHEN, Partner, Hyroute Capital

Anthony CHAN, Head of Customer Operations Excellence, Johnson & Johnson

FANG Chao, Chairman, Guohua Real Estate

HE Weiwu, Chairman, OriGene Technology Co.

James LI, Founder and CEO, E.J. McKay

Matthew ZHANG, Asia MD, KKR

YAN Xuan, President, Nielsen China

WANG Guangyu, Chairman, China Soft Capital

TANG Ning, Founder & CEO, Credit Ease

Derek SHEN, Global VP and President, LinkedIn China

Annabelle LONG, CEO and Managing Partner, BAI

Head of Global Operations for AirBnB, Varsha Rao,

 and her mentee Sahil Chunagi (MBA ’15)


By partnering seasoned veteran who have decades of leadership and business experience with aspiring young professional, the program aims to develop a new generation of leaders, who, together, will be responsible for the future of business prosperity in China and beyond.

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Understand China from the Inside

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