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Navigating the World

China has joined an elite group by launching its own global navigation system, BeiDou.

by Mark Andrews | Mar. 15 2021

The Infinity Loop

President Xi Jinping is reinventing state capitalism and has a new economic agenda: “Dual Circulation.

by Crystal Wilde | Feb. 26 2021

Unplugging America: Is China Ready to Reduce Reliance on Foreign Technology?

October 27 of 2018 was supposed to be a historic day for China’s growing aerospace industry. Landspace, a Beijing.

by Jens Kastner | Apr. 17 2019

Betting All the Chips: China Seeks to Build a World-class Semiconductor Industry

For China’s technology sector, the decision of the United States to hit Shenzhen-based telecommunications giant ZTE with a.

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 29 2018

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