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The Framework for Success

Over the past decades, the wired world of tech and business have come to dominate economies around the world, and.

by Zhou Li, Assistant Dean of CKGSB | Mar. 17 2021

The Uprising of China Fintech

China’s financial sector used to be famous for its poor service and imperviousness to innovation. Even today, when customers.

by LiuSha | Apr. 8 2018

AI and Finance: Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

In the eyes of insiders, if you are not talking about “AI and Finance,” then you risk being left behind.

by Li Haitao | Mar. 28 2018

Will China Determine the Future of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, a virtual currency traded online, was not invented in China, yet China is where 80% of the virtual "coins.

by Bennett Voyles | Jan. 23 2017

Banking’s Uber Moment: Enter the Blockchain Gang

Ten years from now, business historians will offer a number of reasons financial services had changed so radically since 2016.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 1 2016

The Banking Industry’s Uber Moment: Reinventing Retail Banking

For consumers in mature markets, the financial technology boom doesn’t seem very exciting. What they’ve seen so far.

by Bennett Voyles | Feb. 16 2016

The Banking Industry’s Uber Moment: A More Efficient Oligopoly?

From the crash of 1929 to around 1981, banking was generally considered a fairly dreary business. And between now and.

by Bennett Voyles | Feb. 15 2016

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