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Bursting At The Seams: Obesity in China

How is China’s bulging waistline impacting the economy and the country’s health care system.

by Timothy Ang | Oct. 2 2019

Saving is the New Spending: Chinese Consumers are Tightening Their Purse Strings

After years of enjoying the fruits of a booming economy and sharply rising disposable income, life for many of China.

by Colin Shek | Feb. 27 2019

Spreading Their Wings: How Millennials Turn the World of Travel Upside-down

Chinese millennials promise to reshape the global tourism industry. Unlike their parents’ generation, who preferred to travel abroad on Chinese.

by Lu-Hai Liang | Sep. 19 2018

Catering to China’s Elderly: Smart Brands are Already Adapting

By 2045, there will be nearly 350 million people in China aged over 65. The rapidly aging society is the.

by Helen Roxburgh | Aug. 27 2018

Why Chinese Consumers are Leaving Multinational Brands on the Shelf

More domestic brands appearing on store shelves may indicate that the golden days for foreign brands are slipping away. “Made.

by Richard Whiddington | Jun. 20 2018

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