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Nothing but Blue Skies: Is Your Flying Taxi Finally on the Way?

Until now, only billionaires and James Bond villains flew to work, but someday, you too may have a faster commute.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 30 2019

China’s Health Revolution: Getting Out of a Looming Health Care Crisis

China’s hospitals are becoming overstretched as population aging and urbanization send demand for health care soaring. But a new.

by Dominic Morgan | Sep. 3 2018

Bytedance: China’s BuzzFeed with Brains?

Few people outside China will have heard of Bytedance, the Beijing-based software startup that creates fiendishly addictive content apps.

by Wynne Wang | May. 16 2018

Look Ma, No Hands: The Dawn of Vocal Computing

Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa have been catching on very quickly. Google reports that it sells a voice-controlled.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 6 2018

Man and Machine: an Interview with Brian Christian

What does it mean to have a mind? What is the nature of intelligence? Such questions have motivated Brian Christian.

by Tom Nunlist | Dec. 19 2017

ETH Zürich Professor Brad Nelson on AI, China, Medical Robotics and Commercialization

Back in 2014, Stephen Hawking warned that people should be careful about artificial intelligence (AI)—the full development of it.

by Deng Yuanyuan | Aug. 7 2017

China and the Intelligent Future: Bringing AI to the Real World

Silicon Valley may hog the artificial intelligence (AI) limelight, but Chinese companies are catching up by implementing AI technologies in.

by Wynne Wang | Jul. 17 2017

China and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is “a fusion of technologies” that blurs the lines “between the physical, digital, and biological.

by Zhou Li | Jul. 12 2017

The Robots Will Take Our Jobs. Then What?

What will happen to humans when the robots take away our jobs? Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots.

by Major Tian and Neelima Mahajan | Aug. 11 2015

Innovating in the Networked Organization

The networked organization has changed how business innovates—but will the new system last.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 25 2015

Ed Hess on Building the New Age Learning Organization

To stay relevant in the future, individuals need to learn much more quickly and differently. That entails a different kind.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 22 2014

China Roundup: Jingdong’s IPO; Lenovo’s home market woes; and a solution to China’s local debt problem?

The week that was: Chinese e-commerce retailer Jingdong ( finally went public on the Nasdaq; China’s.

by Major Tian | May. 23 2014

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