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Eyes on the Prize: Chinese VC Funds

by Colin Shek | Oct. 10 2019

Chinese VC funds are muscling out international VC funding in the China market.

Co-Working Capital: Investment is Flowing into China’s Shared Office Market

by Mable-Ann Chang | Sep. 2 2019

Co-working spaces are a booming industry concept in China thanks to billions of dollars in funding.

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Why Are So Few Companies Going Public?

Public companies aren’t dying out, but they are becoming a lot scarcer than they once were.

by Bennett Voyles | Jul. 25 2018

Private Thirst: The Flow of Private Investment in China Slows to a Trickle

In China, SOEs dominate industries like petroleum and telecom, while less money is flowing to private enterprises.

by Wynne Wang | Feb. 13 2017

The Money Squeeze: China’s tightening Credit Market

The first signs of light emerge amidst the dark prospects for private enterprises in China’s ever-tightening credit market.

by Suzanne Edwards | May. 2 2013

Download the March 2013 issue of CKGSB Magazine: Tapping homegrown innovation

You are invited to download the March issue of CKGSB Magazine. You’ll enjoy articles and interviews like: COVER.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Mar. 25 2013

Chasing the Deals in China’s Crowded Private Equity Market

Foreign private equity in China is down, but far from out. For most people, having too much money in the.

by Susie Gordon | Feb. 12 2013

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