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The Infinity Loop

by Crystal Wilde | Feb. 26 2021

President Xi Jinping is reinventing state capitalism and has a new economic agenda: “Dual Circulation.

The Road to Poverty Alleviation

by Min Yan, Xinyi Fan | Nov. 24 2020

An MBA field study by Min Yan, a case researcher at CKGSB, under the guidance of Professor Xinyu Fan.

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China Pull

China is opening up key sectors to foreign companies in the hopes of raising the possibility of further foreign investment.

by Jens Kastner | Aug. 10 2020

A Balancing Act

China’s economy today is driven more by domestic consumption than exports.

by Jens Kastner | Apr. 8 2020

Green China

China is now leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

by Colin Peebles Christensen | Mar. 12 2020

Shelter For Innovation

China is strengthening its intellectual property laws much faster than many realize. Intellectual Property Rights infringement has been a longstanding.

by Dominic Morgan | Oct. 23 2019

Getting Ahead: The Effect of China’s Social Credit System

China’s controversial social credit system is already being trialed in many cities in the country.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Sep. 19 2019

Standing Up for Women

When Dame Barbara Woodward was named British Ambassador to China in February 2015, she became the first woman ever to.

by Liu Sha | Sep. 6 2019

Climate of Mistrust: China’s Vaccine Dilemma

After a stream of scandals and medical incidents, the Chinese public appears to be losing faith in drugs made in.

by Timothy Ang | Aug. 29 2019

China’s Tax Dilemma: Prioritize Efforts to Stimulate Growth or Control its Mounting Debt?

China’s economy seems to be slowing faster than the government would like, and US trade war tariffs are just.

by Colin Peebles Christensen | Jun. 28 2019

Mending China’s Data Fences

Online data theft is rife in China, affecting more than 80% of Internet users, and tech companies often display a.

by Mark Andrews | Jan. 3 2019

Betting All the Chips: China Seeks to Build a World-class Semiconductor Industry

For China’s technology sector, the decision of the United States to hit Shenzhen-based telecommunications giant ZTE with a.

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 29 2018

Funding China’s Future: What Can Green Finance Do?

China has rapidly established itself as one of the biggest players in the global green finance movement.

by Douglas Bulloch | Oct. 11 2018

Xiong’an New Area: China’s Newest Special Economic Zone?

On April 1st, 2017, the Chinese government announced the formation of a new special economic and development zone: the Xiong.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Nov. 8 2017

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