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The Framework for Success

by Zhou Li, Assistant Dean of CKGSB | Mar. 17 2021

Over the past decades, the wired world of tech and business have come to dominate economies around the world, and.

Climate Change and Fake News

by Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo | Jan. 19 2021

To tackle climate change, we first have to flatten the fake news curve. I have spent the past two years.

Knowledge Magazine

CKGSB Knowledge is the school's quarterly English language publication.


Banking Reform: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

China should adopt a measured but determined approach to banking reform.   There is no doubt that banking reform must happen.

by Liu Jing | Jan. 18 2013

Taking a Hard Look at Customer Relationship Management

“Big Data” is fast becoming an important asset for companies. Deciphering data can lead to many useful insights.

by Li Yang | Dec. 7 2012

Understand China from the Inside

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