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Multinationals in China

Will China’s EV Startup Nio Be the ‘Tesla Killer’?

by Allen Young | Sep. 17 2018

Chinese auto startup Nio has its sights set on one goal: supplanting Tesla as the world’s top luxury electric.

Why Chinese Consumers are Leaving Multinational Brands on the Shelf

by Richard Whiddington | Jun. 20 2018

More domestic brands appearing on store shelves may indicate that the golden days for foreign brands are slipping away.

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In China’s Cosmetics Market Beauty is Pocket Deep

In China’s increasingly competitive cosmetics market who will come out ahead and who should re-evaluate?  Stepping into the.

by Jill Petzinger | May. 8 2014

Rolls-Royce in China: Riding on China’s Growth

Patrick Horgan, Regional Director, North-East Asia, on how Rolls-Royce diversified in China. Unknown to many, China’s engage.

by Neelima Mahajan and Major Tian | Apr. 10 2014

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