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How to Design Your Next Product? Damage It

by Brian Viard | Oct. 27 2020

Professor Viard discusses the role of economics in everyday life in China and the world.

Going Global

by Mark Andrews | Mar. 19 2020

China’s national sportswear champion, Anta, has set its sights on becoming the country’s new market leader. Will it.

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Freshly Brewed or Overly Roasted?

Chinese startup Luckin Coffee is expanding at a breakneck pace. How will Starbucks and other coffee players respond? Starbucks had.

by Mark Andrews | Dec. 1 2019

Retail Revolution: Can Facial Recognition Transform China’s Retail Sector?

You may not recognize the name SenseTime. But if you have spent time in China recently, SenseTime will almost certainly.

by James Lord | Mar. 20 2019

Not A Hollywood Ending: Are Hollywood films losing luster in China?

Learning how to please Chinese audiences without alienating moviegoers in the US is becoming crucial for Hollywood as box office.

by Lu-Hai Liang | Dec. 26 2018

Sean Ellis on Growth Hacking: Focus on a number related to your value to customers

What is the most important thing for a startup? Growing your business by focusing on the value to the customer.

by Liu Sha | Nov. 7 2018

Catering to China’s Elderly: Smart Brands are Already Adapting

By 2045, there will be nearly 350 million people in China aged over 65. The rapidly aging society is the.

by Helen Roxburgh | Aug. 27 2018

Mad Men in the Middle Kingdom: An Interview with the CEO of Ogilvy China

What makes Chinese consumers tick? That’s the question Chris Reitermann, CEO of Ogilvy China, has been puzzling over for.

by Mei Xinlei | Mar. 12 2018

Can China Move Beyond Its Cheap Reputation?

If you think ‘Made in China’ is always associated with cheap and low quality goods, think again. DJI—the first.

by Deng Yuanyuan | Jun. 5 2017

Brave New Booksellers: E-Book Production, Marketing and Sales

The rise of e-books and reading on digital devices has changed every part on the publishing production chain, affecting.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 13 2017

Ad It Up: Advertising Spending in China is Evolving

China strives to be a consumer-based economy, so it isn't surprising that advertising spending has risen by leaps.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Jan. 18 2017

The Talking Cure: Pay Attention to Counter Narratives

Telling and retelling stories is one of humanity’s most durable characteristics: Harvard linguist Michael Witzel has argued that most.

by Bennett Voyles | Jan. 16 2017

The Talking Cure: A Closer Look at the Bull Market in Business Storytelling

Storytelling is a reliable way to reach audiences. According to storytelling experts, organizing stories in a form that connects to.

by Bennett Voyles | Jan. 3 2017

Not Just Another Day in the Park

Theme parks are normally a place to enjoy a nice day out with your friends or family. However, in mainland.

by Brian Viard | Dec. 1 2016

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