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The Race to Vaccinate

by Crystal Wilde | May. 26 2021

The pandemic has provided the Chinese government with an unexpected PR opportunity—vaccines for the world.

One Virus, Two Systems

by Shi Weijun | May. 26 2021

The way China powered its way out of the economic crisis was impressive, but the rebound comes with caveats.

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China Data: McDonald’s China Ups the Ante

The world’s largest restaurant chain is gearing up to do even more in China. In a bid to make.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Jun. 15 2016

CKGSB Knowledge Summer 2016 Issue: Is China Running Out of Policy Tricks?

The Summer 2016 issue of CKGSB Knowledge is out! It has articles and interviews like:  COVER STORY: Wanted: A Miracle.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Jun. 15 2016

Solving the Prickly Issue of Overcapacity in China

Having delayed serious structural reforms, China faces eye-watering overcapacity in heavy industries. Steel production volume is more than double.

by Matthew Fulco | Jun. 14 2016

Willem Buiter on China and the Global Recession

China’s boom times are over. With global investor sentiment slipping, concerns are rising about spillover effects of a faltering.

by Maurits Elen | Jun. 8 2016

Chinese Consumers Up Their Vanity Spending

Just how much time and energy would you spend pondering over which dustbin to buy next? Chances are, not a.

by Liu Sha and Deng Yuanyuan | Jun. 7 2016

CKGSB Business Conditions Index: Reasons for Optimism

How do Chinese companies view the next few months? The CKGSB Business Conditions Index registered 59.3 in April, falling.

by CKGSB Knowledge | May. 31 2016

WildAid’s Offbeat Approach to Conservation

“As a father, I want our children to know that rhinos are not just pictures in the book,” says Prince.

by Deng Yuanyuan | May. 30 2016

China’s Industrial Economy: Overcapacity is the Biggest Challenge

China’s industrial economy did not stabilize: it declined in the first quarter of 2016, according to the latest CKGSB.

by CKGSB Knowledge | May. 26 2016

Will Ant Financial Become Wildly Successful Like Taobao?

Currently the most valuable fintech company in China, Alibaba’s Ant Financial owns a myriad of businesses: China’s largest.

by Liu Sha | May. 24 2016

Design and Business: A Conversation With IDEO China’s Charles Hayes

For nearly 25 years now, IDEO has stood at the cutting edge of the possibilities of design. Founded in Silicon.

by Bennett Voyles | May. 23 2016

China’s Digital Healthcare Dreams

China’s healthcare sector is huge but it doesn’t mean that people are getting what they need. China’s.

by Deng Yuanyuan | May. 16 2016

Curating Chinese Art: Abstract Value

In November 2015, Chinese collector Liu Yiqian spent $170.4 million, the second-largest amount ever spent on an artwork.

by Erica Martin | Apr. 26 2016

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