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International Trade

Arctic Activity

by Mable-Ann Chang | Feb. 27 2021

With new logistics routes and resources becoming available as Arctic ice melts, China is poised to increase its involvement.

Smartphone Dominance

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 16 2020

China leads the global smartphone market both in terms of manufacturing and smartphone brands. China has built up a remarkable.

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Uprooting Factories

The diversification of production away from the “Factory of the World” is already happening, at least to some extent.

by Shi Wei Jun | Nov. 6 2020

Moving Out

Trade tariffs, labor costs, COVID-19 and other factors have caused manufacturers to consider diversifying their supply chains.

by Kevin Livingston | Jul. 24 2020

Are the US and China Decoupling?

After over 40 years of growing ties, decoupling to any degree would mean a disentangling of enormous complexity.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Nov. 20 2019

The end of China ODI?

China’s massive ODI spending spree has stalled after policy shifts and strong capital controls.

by Jens Kastner | Nov. 1 2019

Stretched to the Breaking Point: WTO is Becoming Dysfunctional

The WTO is the world’s primary trading system, comprised of 164 member-economies scattered across all of the world.

by Jens Kastner | May. 20 2019

Your Move, US: What the China-EU Deal Means for the Trade War

Europe is not used to getting its way in trade negotiations with China. But that is exactly what appeared to.

by Dominic Morgan | Apr. 29 2019

Unplugging America: Is China Ready to Reduce Reliance on Foreign Technology?

October 27 of 2018 was supposed to be a historic day for China’s growing aerospace industry. Landspace, a Beijing.

by Jens Kastner | Apr. 17 2019

Multinational Companies in China: Stuck in the Middle

The Sino-US trade tussle has had the greatest impact on multinational corporations in China—precisely the group that the.

by Matthew Fulco | Mar. 4 2019

The View from Beijing: Understanding China’s Perspective on the Trade War

For many in Beijing, the trade war confirms long-held suspicions that the United States is determined to thwart China.

by Dominic Morgan | Feb. 25 2019

Trading Places: Is China Entering a Current Account Deficit?

China’s huge current account surplus was once the symbol of its status as the “factory of the world.” But.

by James Lord | Nov. 26 2018

Tea for Ten: Southeast Asia Thinks on How to Engage with a Rising China

Southeast Asia has become a strategic market for companies across the whole Chinese economy.

by Jens Kastner | Sep. 10 2018

Why US-China Trade Tensions Could Be Here to Stay

Any deal between the US and China may only mark the start of a new era of heightened tensions.

by Dominic Morgan | May. 9 2018

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