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The Future of Eco-Fashion

by Li Mengjun | Apr. 16 2021

A case study by Li Mengjun, a researcher at the CKGSB Research Center for Social Innovation and Business for Good.

Shelter For Innovation

by Dominic Morgan | Oct. 23 2019

China is strengthening its intellectual property laws much faster than many realize. Intellectual Property Rights infringement has been a longstanding.

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Retail Revolution: Can Facial Recognition Transform China’s Retail Sector?

You may not recognize the name SenseTime. But if you have spent time in China recently, SenseTime will almost certainly.

by James Lord | Mar. 20 2019

Unicorn Factory: Interview with GGV Capital’s Hans Tung

Hans Tung knows how to spot a unicorn. During his career, he has invested in 11 startups that have gone.

by Dominic Morgan | Jan. 29 2019

How China’s E-commerce Boom Pushes Automation to the Next Level

Compared to other sectors, Chinese e-commerce firms are among the first batches of firms to embrace automation. China accounts.

by Dominic Morgan | Jan. 8 2019

Mending China’s Data Fences

Online data theft is rife in China, affecting more than 80% of Internet users, and tech companies often display a.

by Mark Andrews | Jan. 3 2019

Betting All the Chips: China Seeks to Build a World-class Semiconductor Industry

For China’s technology sector, the decision of the United States to hit Shenzhen-based telecommunications giant ZTE with a.

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 29 2018

Understanding AI from Historical Lessons

The negative effects that industrial revolutions unleash on human society always stem from an overestimation and abuse of the power.

by Xu Chenggang | Nov. 21 2018

Will China’s EV Startup Nio Be the ‘Tesla Killer’?

Chinese auto startup Nio just had its $1 billion US initial public offering. While the share price fluctuates, investors ask.

by Allen Young | Sep. 17 2018

China’s Health Revolution: Getting Out of a Looming Health Care Crisis

China’s hospitals are becoming overstretched as population aging and urbanization send demand for health care soaring. But a new.

by Dominic Morgan | Sep. 3 2018

Video Games Turn Serious 

People love video games. They feel relaxed and entertained in the virtual world. However, there is a trend towards games.

by Bennett Voyles | Jun. 25 2018

Bytedance: China’s BuzzFeed with Brains?

Few people outside China will have heard of Bytedance, the Beijing-based software startup that creates fiendishly addictive content apps.

by Wynne Wang | May. 16 2018

What Defines China’s Business Future? Data, Smart Systems, and Sharing.

Forget e-commerce. In today’s China, the smartest businesses are moving the digital revolution into the offline world as.

by Bingsheng Teng | May. 14 2018

Competing to Innovate in the Pearl River Delta Region

Cities across China are making huge investments in order to transform themselves into world-class innovation hubs. So far, the.

by James Lord | May. 7 2018

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