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Fairytale or folly?

by Sean Matthews | Jun. 9 2023

Growth in the number of unicorns in China has been slowing due to economic headwinds and changing attitudes.

Diverging Paths

by Mable-Ann Chang | Jun. 7 2023

The BRICS countries no longer share similar economic trajectories, but the grouping still has a role to play.

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Positive Trends

CKGSB’s Business Conditions Index, reflecting confidence levels in China business, shows big improvements in China’s economic outlook.

by Li Wei | Jun. 6 2023

Bulls, bears and dragons

China’s stock markets are growing in size and number, but too much state control could limit future development.

by Seb Murray | Jun. 5 2023

Ebb And Flow

International investors in China’s private equity are finding it increasingly difficult to get their money out.

by Sherry Fei Ju | Nov. 9 2022

No Cash in Hand

Testing of China’s new digital RMB is well underway, but it may have difficulty beating out the competition.

by Ouyang Hui and Weili Wu | Nov. 9 2022


Despite record listings in the US in 2021, increased scrutiny from Chinese regulators is pushing companies to stay at home.

by SHI Weijun | Dec. 3 2021

A Digital World

China is close to releasing a national digital currency, with the potential to upend the entire global financial structure.

by Kevin Livingston | Nov. 15 2019

Eyes on the Prize: Chinese VC Funds

Chinese VC funds are muscling out international VC funding in the China market.

by Colin Shek | Oct. 10 2019

Co-Working Capital: Investment is Flowing into China’s Shared Office Market

Co-working spaces are a booming industry concept in China thanks to billions of dollars in funding.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Sep. 2 2019

Enter the Petro-Yuan?

Most of the world’s oil has been bought and sold with US dollars, but that may be changing.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 18 2018

Funding China’s Future: What Can Green Finance Do?

China has rapidly established itself as one of the biggest players in the global green finance movement.

by Douglas Bulloch | Oct. 11 2018

Why Are So Few Companies Going Public?

Public companies aren’t dying out, but they are becoming a lot scarcer than they once were.

by Bennett Voyles | Jul. 25 2018

Blocking Bitcoin: Why China’s Cryptocurrency Ban Could be Here to Stay

China has banned borderless cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but it is a move the country may come to regret.

by Matthew Fulco | Jun. 11 2018

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