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Hotpot Hospitality

by Colin Shek | Mar. 15 2021

Business for Haidilao has surged ahead, despite the pandemic.

Applying Business Logic to Philanthropy: Adream Foundation

by Zhu Rui, Cui Huanping, Zhu Yunhai, | Mar. 30 2020

Structured like a business and operated on commercial lines, Adream is powered by the language of efficiency, and the use.

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Hungry for Profits: What is the Real Price of China’s Waimai Business?

Go to any restaurant in China around meal time and you’ll find blue, red and yellow-clad food delivery.

by Mark Andrews | Aug. 30 2019

Voice of the People: How iFlytek Came to Dominate the World of Speech Recognition

For a company whose software speaks to more than half a billion people, iFlytek tends to keep its voice low.

by CKGSB Case Center | Aug. 22 2018

Kapil Kane of Intel China: Innovation from the Inside Out

How do big multinational companies innovate? According to Kapil Kane, Director of Innovation at Intel China, there are three ways.

by Tom Nunlist | Nov. 28 2017

How Online Platform Yiyaowang is Reshaping China’s Health Sector

Medical spending in China is increasing every year, and people have started to buy medicine online, with nearly 3 million.

by Liu Sha and Deng Yuanyuan | Sep. 25 2017

NetEase, China’s Online Underdog

NetEase is the Chinese internet pioneer you have probably never heard of. Founded in 1997, before its bigger and better.

by Tim Ferry | Aug. 14 2017

No Easy Rides: DCM Ventures’ Ramon Zeng on How Chinese Startups Manage to Thrive

The Chinese internet industry has developed at an amazing speed with a number of tech firms becoming "unicorns" worldwide. A.

by Deng Yuanyuan, Liu Sha | Mar. 29 2017

Chinese Tech Startups: The Great Idea Bubble

One of the topics favored most by Chinese tech people is which city, or region, in China will become the.

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 7 2016

URwork, China’s WeWork?

Inspired by the unicorn WeWork in the US, Chinese entrepreneurs have been starting their own co-working spaces. And renting.

by Teng Bingsheng | Oct. 19 2016

A Firm Called Wanda

Wang Jianlin, Wanda’s CEO, the richest man in Asia once said, “Our goal is to make Wanda a brand.

by Tom Nunlist | Oct. 10 2016

The Online Sector in China: When Rivals Work Together

In 2014 rival taxi apps Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache engaged in a fierce price war that left onlookers stunned.

by Li Hui | Jan. 11 2016

For DJI, the Sky is the Limit

China’s DJI holds a commanding lead in the red-hot consumer drone market. Can it maintain that.

by Matthew Fulco | Sep. 28 2015

Red Star Rising: A Q&A With Steve Blank

Steve Blank, entrepreneur and founder of the Lean Startup movement, on how Beijing taught him the world no longer revolves.

by Bennett Voyles | Jul. 27 2015

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