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An Awkward Fit

by Mable-Ann Chang | May. 8 2021

China's role in the global financial system is evolving with its changing relationship with other major economies.

Investment Intermission

by Samantha HuiQi Yow | Feb. 26 2021

Chinese investment around the world is plummeting due to recipient reluctance and difficulty in getting money out of the country.

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Smartphone Dominance

China leads the global smartphone market both in terms of manufacturing and smartphone brands. China has built up a remarkable.

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 16 2020

Trip Delayed

As the pandemic took hold in the first half of 2020, the global travel industry ground to a halt.

by Crystal Reid | Oct. 20 2020

Moving Out

Trade tariffs, labor costs, COVID-19 and other factors have caused manufacturers to consider diversifying their supply chains.

by Kevin Livingston | Jul. 24 2020

Are the US and China Decoupling?

After over 40 years of growing ties, decoupling to any degree would mean a disentangling of enormous complexity.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Nov. 20 2019

The end of China ODI?

China’s massive ODI spending spree has stalled after policy shifts and strong capital controls.

by Jens Kastner | Nov. 1 2019

Charitable Giving in China—from Passion to Impact

What is behind China’s rise in charitable giving? The start of charitable giving as a trend in modern China.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Oct. 25 2019

Bursting At The Seams: Obesity in China

How is China’s bulging waistline impacting the economy and the country’s health care system.

by Timothy Ang | Oct. 2 2019

Chinese Corporations’ Understanding of Leadership

China’s economic development and industry-wide changes have had a huge impact on the leadership skills of Chinese corporate.

by Zhang Xiaomeng | Sep. 18 2019

Climate of Mistrust: China’s Vaccine Dilemma

After a stream of scandals and medical incidents, the Chinese public appears to be losing faith in drugs made in.

by Timothy Ang | Aug. 29 2019

Seeds of Doubt: Is China Finally Ready to Give the Green Light to GMO?

China has approved five new varieties of genetically modified crops for import, highlighting the huge impact Chinese GMO restrictions have.

by Dominic Morgan | Jul. 8 2019

The Rise of China’s Smaller Cities

Last year, China recorded its slowest economic growth in 28 years. But for leading e-commerce player Pinduoduo, it was.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Jun. 25 2019

Aiming for the Top: Can China Escape the Middle Income Trap?

First coined by two World Bank experts in 2007, the middle-income trap phenomenon—the existence of which is disputed.

by Colin Shek | May. 23 2019

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