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ByteDance: China’s BuzzFeed with Brains?

Chinese software startup ByteDance is looking to take on the big beasts of Silicon Valley in the global market.

by Wynne Wang | May. 16 2018

How Moutai Became the World’s Most Valuable Liquor Maker

It’s a comeback story worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Three years ago, China’s once all-powerful liquor maker.

by Wynne Wang | Mar. 8 2018

China Stocks Go Mainstream

MSCI's inclusion of China stocks is a big opportunity for foreign investors, but risk management is tricky.

by Wynne Wang | Dec. 5 2017

China and the Intelligent Future: Bringing AI to the Real World

Silicon Valley may hog the AI limelight, but Chinese companies are catching up by implementing AI in real life.

by Wynne Wang | Jul. 17 2017

Navigating FDI in China as the Economy Slows

Foreign direct investment has played a vital role in China’s development since reform and opening up, but times are.

by Wynne Wang | May. 16 2017

Private Thirst: The Flow of Private Investment in China Slows to a Trickle

In China, SOEs dominate industries like petroleum and telecom, while less money is flowing to private enterprises.

by Wynne Wang | Feb. 13 2017

The Silver Age: China’s Aging Population

Unlike its developed counterparts, China is aging before it gets prosperous. Its population structure is like Japan’s of the.

by Wynne Wang | Oct. 17 2016

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