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Matthew Fulco

Smartphone Dominance

China leads the global smartphone market both in terms of manufacturing and smartphone brands. China has built up a remarkable.

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 16 2020

What Happened to the Sharing Economy in China?

A steep economic slowdown is exacerbating the problems for once-golden startups in the sharing economy, from those offering shared.

by Matthew Fulco | Jun. 17 2020

Delivering Convenience

South-East Asia has become the latest battleground for e-commerce companies. Can China’s tech giants win by proxy.

by Matthew Fulco | Mar. 10 2020

Comac Takes Off

What does the future of Chinese state-owned aircraft manufacturer Comac and its top products look like.

by Matthew Fulco | Sep. 17 2019

Can China’s New E-commerce Law Tame the World’s Most-Disorderly Online Retail Market?

Adidas’s Yeezy sneakers designed by rapper Kanye West have been among the world’s best-selling footwear since they.

by Matthew Fulco | Jul. 2 2019

Multinational Companies in China: Stuck in the Middle

The Sino-US trade tussle has had the greatest impact on multinational corporations in China—precisely the group that the.

by Matthew Fulco | Mar. 4 2019

Betting All the Chips: China Seeks to Build a World-class Semiconductor Industry

For China’s technology sector, the decision of the United States to hit Shenzhen-based telecommunications giant ZTE with a.

by Matthew Fulco | Nov. 29 2018

Will China Dominate the Global Lithium Supply?

Chile’s Atacama Desert is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Situated 2,300 meters above sea level.

by Matthew Fulco | Aug. 21 2018

Blocking Bitcoin: Why China’s Cryptocurrency Ban Could be Here to Stay

China has banned borderless cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but it is a move the country may come to regret. Until recently.

by Matthew Fulco | Jun. 11 2018

The WeChat Economy, From Messaging to Payments and More

WeChat is not just a messaging app. With nearly a billion active users, it is used to make voice calls.

by Matthew Fulco | Aug. 28 2017

The VR Kingdom: Is the Virtual Reality Boom in China the Real Thing?

Chinese people love to try new technologies. Over the past year, virtual reality exploded across the country, attracting attention as.

by Matthew Fulco | Mar. 22 2017

China, the World’s Automated Factory

Over the past 25 years, China has become the world’s preeminent manufacturer, churning out everything from running shoes to.

by Matthew Fulco | Dec. 21 2016

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