CKGSB alumni, Won-Jae Lee shares how the FMBA program deepened his business insights and China networks

Jun 12, 2019

“With a long career in China, I have a pretty extensive network here. Nevertheless, I was able to further strengthen my competitiveness by expanding my business network in the Chinese market,” said Won-Jae Lee in his interview for Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business’ Korean-language blog. With over 25 years of experience working in China, he still felt he needed professional business training that he was not able to learn in the workplace. So, Lee enrolled in the CKGSB FMBA program. He strongly believes that, “the value of a degree from CKGSB is immeasurable.” He was able to gain a thorough understanding of China business, gain an extensive network in the business community, and learn trade and government policies.

 CKGSB FMBA program graduate, Won-Jae Lee

Mr. Lee is recognized as a seasoned China veteran by Major Corporation, a group of international business experts. In addition to building a broad network with entrepreneurs in China and Korea, he has extensive and deep contacts at government organizations in China. He has a solid understanding of China’s dynamic business landscape and the inner workings of matters related to China-Korea trade.

He is currently working at the Beijing office of LG International Corporation as Senior Project Manager and is in charge of business development that includes forging alliances with new trading partners. Mr. Lee obtained a BA in international trade from a leading commerce university in China before enrolling in CKGSB’s FMBA program in 2018.

CKGSB recently took the time to speak with Mr. Lee, who shared some his experience at CKGSB:

2018 FMBA program alumni Won-Jae Lee (center) at his graduating ceremony

Q. At LG International, you have been involved in the development of a wide range of B2B businesses and new business development across a wide sector including electronics, automobiles, resource energy, battery materials, and machinery. Please share with us the value you obtained by completing the FMBA program at CKGSB and how it applies to your work.

Lee: I was able to sharpen my business, management and financial acumen. The practical knowledge gained from the CKGSB FMBA program has been very helpful when formulating business strategies based on market research and market forecast, identifying business opportunities and feasibility study when finding new businesses and developing investment proposals. In particular, CKGSB alumni and I have been helping each other by connecting our contacts at major corporations and organizations in Korea and China. Engagement with other CKGSB alumni has deepened my knowledge base, which is valuable when analyzing business opportunities. For example, there are many alumni here who work at China’s large state-owned enterprises and private corporations. Their insight has allowed me to have an up-to-date, comprehensive understanding on China’s business environment in both the private and public sector.

2018 FMBA program alumni Won-Jae Lee (center) at his graduating ceremony

Q. You have received the Dean’s List award and the Third-prize award. Please explain your efforts to receive those awards.

Lee: It is a great honor to have been awarded the Dean’s List award, as it is awarded by the dean to students with excellent grades. I was also awarded the Third-prize award, which is given out to the top 3 students with excellent grades in the first half of the year. The high quality lectures and content delivered by these top professors always made attending class an easy task for me. The group discussions and assignments also allowed me to develop and enhance both my communication skills and my leadership skills. Another aspect of the course I found extremely useful was that it also gave me great first hand insight into the success and failures of various businesses, and allowed me to apply these lessons learnt in my research and case studies.

Q. You enrolled in the FMBA CKGSB program in 2016 and completed the course in 2018. Please share with us why you choose CKGSB among other graduate programs, and the strengths of the CKGSB FMBA program.

Lee: The FMBA course focuses on specialized financial training in addition to the general MBA.I chose this course because it develops key insights and management capabilities by strengthening expertise in corporate management. The FMBA course allowed me to advance my   financial and industry expertise by developing business strategies that better reflect the marketplace through the first hand field experiences of leading industry experts

To read the full interview with Lee Won-Jae, please click here.

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