Today’s China Will Surprise You
China’s DJI manufactures 70% of the world’s drones
Shenzhen-based DJI is the undisputed global leader in the drone market. Thanks to CKGSB’s extensive China network, one of DJI’s Vice Presidents is a CKGSB alumnus, while one of our professors has sat on the board since the company’s earliest days. If you want to learn first-hand about China’s biggest companies and connect with some of the country’s most powerful business leaders, come to CKGSB.
Four Chinese brands have now overtaken Apple in China’s smartphone market
Chinese smartphone brands Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi account for nearly 70% of China’s market share, ahead of both Apple and Samsung. But it’s not just domestically where Chinese brands are thriving, as they continue to grow their global market share. If you want to learn first-hand about China’s biggest companies and connect with some of the country’s most powerful business leaders, come to CKGSB.
China is running the world’s fastest bullet train
In 2017, China ran the world’s fastest commercially-used bullet train between Beijing and Shanghai at 350kms per hour, covering the 1,250-km-long distance in just 4.5 hours. With one of Asia’s strongest economics and finance faculty, CKGSB can help you find the best opportunities in this fast-growing sector. Come to CKGSB to find out more.
China leads the world in bike sharing, with over 30 bike sharing companies
China’s rapid and successful adoption of bike-sharing shows the adaptability of its country’s consumers and companies alike. Bike-sharing companies, like Mobike and OFO—which have gained more than 9 million active users each month—offer GPS-tracked bikes that can be unlocked using mobile apps, and picked up or dropped off anywhere, making them convenient for users. More so, these companies are now going global to Europe and the US. If you want to learn first-hand about China’s leading companies and connect with them in China or at home, come to CKGSB.
Sept 11, 2017
Daniel Kahneman, grandfather of behavioral economics, talks about how the field came to be and the impact it has had
Sept 06, 2017
For decades, China was the top destination for foreign companies moving their operations abroad. But now it is Chinese companies that are shipping out of their home market in search of new business horizons.
Aug 28, 2017
Since its release in 2011, WeChat has expanded from being a mere messaging app to an all-purpose digital tool capable of everything from social sharing to investment, attracting hundreds of millions of users in the process. But parent company Tencent won’t stop there
Aug 23, 2017
A look at how online social networks are changing Chinese professional culture.
Aug 21, 2017
Ideas about education in China are changing
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Oct 18, 2017

CKGSB professor Xu Chenggang will share his insights on incentive problems of hierarchically organized bureaucracy, based on his study at the 18th World Knowledge Forum, hosted by South Korea’s largest business daily Maeil Business Newspaper. It is fourth consecutive year for CKGSB joining the forum as a knowledge partner, holding its own brand session called the “CKGSB  Session.”


Oct 11, 2017
A stellar line-up of experts in US-China relations, including Ambassador Stapleton Roy, the former US envoy to China; Hank Greenburg, who was instrumental in opening up the financial sector in China; and Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, who played a central role in the negotiations for China to enter the WTO in 2001 headlined the sold-out symposium, “Understanding China Today”, which was co-hosted by CKGSB, Princeton University’s Center on Contemporary China and The Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance.



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The Chinese MBA program is tailored for rising managers in China’s financial, investment and insurance sectors, as well as entrepreneurs seeking a deep understanding of financial markets and best practices in corporate finance. 
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Xu Chenggang, CKGSB Professor of Economics  and winner of the 2016 China Economics Prize, talks about how living through one of China's most difficult periods has shaped his teaching outlook today.

CKGSB Professor of Economics Li Wei completed a full media tour of London to introduce his Business Conditions Index (BCI) to a European audience, before discussing the prospects for China’s economy and its impact on global businesses to a packed crowd at London’s iconic Ritz Hotel.
CKGSB Professor of Economics Leslie Young outlines his alternative cure for Japan’s ills in an illuminating and humorous op-ed piece for Nikkei Asian Review.
British entrepreneur Rory Bate-Williams calls his MBA program at CKGSB in Beijing a "life-changing experience". Now he's back in London working on three separate businesses and putting those lessons learnt in China to work in the UK. 
Welcome to CKGSB! Our alumni group is recognized as one of the most exclusive in China. You will be connected to China’s most successful private entrepreneurs, leaders of China’s largest state-owned enterprises, and top regional executives at multinational corporations
Known as “the Warren Buffet of China”, Fosun’s Chairman and CKGSB alumnus Guo Guangchang is a formidable businessman.. Here are 9 facts you may not have known about the ambitious character.
See how one MBA alumni from Belgium was able to start his own fintech company after graduating from CKGSB.
Hstyle – also known as Handuyishe – was launched by entrepreneur and CKGSB student Zhao Yingguang in 2008. It’s a Korean-inspired fashion company built entirely on e-commerce websites and it’s fast becoming one of the most prominent places on the web.