Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in collaboration with Asia House, the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in China and Indonesian Business School, Prasmul-Eli, hosted the webinar “New Frameworks: RCEP’s Critical Role in Driving the Asian Digital Economy”
CKGSB has partnered with Emeritus to create a program designed to help participants emerge as future-ready leaders, the COVID19-Driven Digitalization In Asia (CDDA) Program.
With the rapid global evolution of digital media, brands have more ways than ever to differentiate themselves. Global Branding in the Digital Era, a program presented jointly by CKGSB and Yale School of Management, the leading business schools of China and the US, and WPP, the global leader in marketing services, guides CMOs and other C-suite executives from China, the US and elsewhere to build and lead customer-focused organizations for today’s digital era.
The China Daily newspaper profiles the “Global Branding in the Digital Era” program, co-hosted by CKGSB and Yale, citing Professor of Marketing Sun Baohong on how the course examines the use of a digital strategy to build a global brand, focused on US companies entering China and Chinese companies entering the US.
CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing compares the introduction of the digital use, and democratization, of information in China to the country’s sweeping reforms of the 1980s the wave of globalization that followed China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001, according to an article by China Daily reporter Anthony Warren.
Speaking to CKGSB Professor of Marketing Sun Baohong at a Knowledge Series event in New York City, Columbia Business School Professor David Rogers said that traditional businesses seeking a digital-age makeover should first concentrate on changing their strategic thinking, not their technology.
Yan Xuan, president of Nielsen Greater China, told the October 2 roundtable session “New Consumption Trends in China” at CKGSB's New York offices that the rise of Ecommerce can help bring more consumption of goods to people in China, particularly rural residents. That assistance would fit with the government's effort to rebalance China's economy away from exports and investment and toward consumption to create sustainable long-term growth.