"To Burst the Real Estate Bubble, Government Must Break Up Land Monopoly" "Demand is high, but there is a lack of supply... It is inevitable that housing costs in major cities will skyrocket."

"It's important to watch the Chinese market but that isn't the issue at hand. We should be watching the speed"

Man Hong-Lei, the founder of Basha.com.cn, was trying to come up with a way to solve industry issues when she stumbled upon the idea of the "self gift-book." 

Teng Bingsheng, the associate professor of strategy management at CKGSB and the associate dean responsible for the CKGSB MBA program visits Korea to celebrate the 10th

November 2012, CKGSB’s extended family of faculty, students, alumni and staff gathered together in Beijing to celebrate 10th anniversary of its founding.

9세기 초에 해상왕으로 세력을 떨친 장보고는 평민 출신 이었으나 당나라에 건너가 군인으로 출세하였고 이후 해외 무역에 크게 성공하여 당나라와 일본에서 더 높이 평가 받은 국제적인 인물입니다. 기본적인 무예 실력과 용기가 있었지만 국가를 위해 헌신하는 가치관이 있었기에 역사에 남은 인물이 되었습니다. CKGSB는 장보고의 이런 품성과 능력, 가치관과 용기를 높이 평가하여 “CKGSB 장보고장학금”을 설립하고 글로벌 탑클래스의 MBA 과정을 수학할 수 있는 전액 장학금을 한국인에게 지원합니다. 성장과 성공의 신화가 나오기 힘든 과열 경쟁 사회에서 더 큰 꿈을 꾸고 세계를 상대로 도전하는 젊은이들을 응원하고자 합니다.

November 22, 2012, Beijing, China, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business held its tenth anniversary celebration today at Beijing's National Convention Center. 

CKGSB looks to the future, with a bold strategy for globalizing and introducing new innovations into management education  

Mary Prager, a 23-year-old graduate from Swarthmore College, had an unforgettable experience at 2012 Young Scholar Plan training camp on CKGSB's Beijing campus starting Friday

Exploring the theme of “New Asia – New Opportunities” at annual forum for CKGSB students and alumni  

Beijing, July 26, 2012- Localizing products and services is increasingly a do-or-die proposition for businesses. Few have a better understanding of this than Mr. Moon Kook-Hyun, who spoke at CKGSB’s campus in Beijing last week.

CKGSB’s Xiang lends perspective to Harvard Kennedy School Globalization Forum

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