The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) today announced the launch of the second phase of its renowned Hunter Scholar programme. The academic scholarship offers full funding for two promising young UK entrepreneurs to study for the Beijing-based, China-focused, MBA programme.

Oliver Shiell, Chief Representative for CKGSB in Europe, discusses how British business can prosper with China through knowledge and networks.

CKGSB alumnus Sir Tom Hunter discusses the importance of China to business education and Britain’s economic future.

On November 23rd, the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) organized a forum at the Ancestral Temple at the Beijing Working People’s Culture Palace to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its MBA program. The forum gathered prominent Chinese business executives from a range of sectors, along with prominent CKGSB alumni and current students, to discuss how advanced business education can help groom China’s future leaders over the next decade.

In November, CKGSB in partnership with Columbia Business School, hosted the three-day educational program, Breakthrough China Strategy (BCS). The program offered critical insights and provided clarity to U.S. business leaders on how to better engage with Chinese business counterparts; understand the implications of China's economic transformation; and how to attract Chinese consumers.

Emma Boyde finds out why Sir Tom Hunter is funding young entrepreneurial students to go on a full-time MBA programme at CKGSB.  Rory Bate-Williams and Jeremy Solomons share their experience on the MBA programme.

Greg Marchi, Chief Representative of CKGSB in the Americas, was recently profiled in The Chronicle of Higher Education. After a distinguished career with Duke Corporate Education, where he was Managing Director, Mr. Marchi joined CKGSB in 2013 for "the challenges of building an office from scratch."

Neil Selby, Director of Executive Education, issues a challenge to British business schools of the need for British business schools to prepare future business leaders in the rise of China and its global implications. He states that ‘if future CEOs don’t know about China, then they’re not future CEOs. Please find the full conference videos from here.

On November 21, the CKGSB-Americas team volunteered at the New York Common Pantry. The Pantry is New York City's largest community-based food pantry and is designed to meet the needs of their families by providing culturally-appropriate and nutritiously-balanced food. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Common Pantry distributes grocery packages to thousands of families.

As the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China came to an end on Tuesday, Nov. 12, Chen Long, professor of finance and associate dean of alumni affairs at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, provided his insight into the implications of the communiqué for an article in The Times.

On November 8, the New York-based China Institute and CKGSB co-organized the 10th Annual Chinese Institute Executive Summit in New York. The summit was themed “The Chinese Dream and the American Dream” and featured a panel of distinguished guests who discussed their views on how the U.S. and China can foster stronger relations and promote mutual economic growth.  

As China’s top leaders were concluding discussions that determine the nation’s economic and financial blueprint, Li Wei, professor of economics at CKGSB shared his view on the precariousness of China’s housing market during an interview with The Wall Street Journal. 

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