You are invited to join us at the QS World MBA Tour at major cities around the globe in August and September. Whether it’s to explore what China has to offer, discover new careers or jump into the most exciting start-up environment in the world, we will show you how you can do it at CKGSB.

The inaugural ceremony and forum of CKGSB Alumni Association Korea Chapter will be held in Seoul on August 27th with the theme of "The New Global Order: the Role of Confucian Economic Bloc".

You are invited to meet with our CKGSB MBA Admissions team at our booth in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia!

Come share ideas and thoughts at CKGSB’s Full-time English MBA Coffee Chat on August 19th, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Learn about CKGSB’s MBA program which can help expand your horizon and launch your China business career.

CKGSB’s DBA, EMBA, FMBA and MBA Program will now award the Philanthropy Scholarship each year to talents who have demonstrated a commitment to the environment and to ethical business leadership, aimed at attracting ambitious, global talents with a philanthropic spirit who intend to create value for society.

Xiang Bing, Founding Dean of CKGSB, and Laura Tyson, Interim Dean of UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business, had a dialogue on trade between the US and China during the CKGSB CEO Program’s US Module in UC Berkeley on August 6th.

Experts, business leaders and policymakers stayed optimistic on the future of Sino-European trade relations at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business’ 5th China Economic Symposium in London on 19 July 2018, co-hosted with the Institute of Directors (IoD). The event saw close to 300 distinguished guests and high-profile speakers including H.E. Liu Xiaoming, Ambassador of China to the UK, Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Tatiana Krylova, Head of the Enterprise Branch at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and Xiang Bing, the Founding Dean of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

On July 17th and 18th, CKGSB hosted its 5th Marketing Research Camp at the Langham Shenzhen. The research camp summoned over 30 marketing academics from top universities in the US, Canada, mainland China and Hong Kong. The two-day camp provided professors and scholars with high level paper presentation and unique company visit experience.

With the popularity of Bitcoin, policies on cryptocurrency have become a hot issue. eDaily, a widely-read South Korean daily focused on business and economics, published an article analyzing the reason why the Chinese government’s financial policy is focused on controlling cryptocurrency. The article references an article from CKGSB Knowledge, “Blocking Bitcoin: Why China’s Cryptocurrency Ban Could be Here to Stay”, and mentioned both Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and the school’s publication CKGSB Knowledge as the sources of the article.

Want to keep up with the latest developments in China’s economy and Financial Markets? Join CKGSB's Full-time English MBA Info Session on July 22nd (Sunday) 2018 in New York, for an enlightening day on the newest insights around China’s ever-changing economy.

Will China join the rank of developed countries within the next two decades as predicted by some economists? And how will China’s development affect the rest of the world in general and her neighbors in particular? Join CKGSB's Full-time English MBA Info Session on July 19th (Thu) 2018 in London, for an enlightening day on the newest insights around China’s ever-changing economy.

One of Korea’s most widely-read weekly business magazines, Economic Review, highlighted the power of sponsorships from Chinese corporations at this year’s World Cup in Russia. Despite the fact that China’s soccer team did not play on the fields, many Chinese corporations saw this world event as an opportunity to drive brand awareness thought sponsorships, paying a whopping USD 835 million to the organizing body. This is a symbol of China’s confidence in its own brand and economic strength as they actively expand overseas. The article cites CKGSB Knowledge as the source on materials related to growing confidence in “Made in China”.

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