CKGSB Hosts National University of Singapore’s Asia Leaders in Financial Institutions 2019 China Module

August 21, 2019 | School News

CKGSB’s Executive Education hosted the National University of Singapore Business School for a specially designed 3-day course, Asia Leaders in Financial Institutions (ALFI) China module, at its Beijing campus.

Singapore’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Stanley Loh speaking with course participants

[August 17, 2019, Beijing] “One quarter of China’s money invested in Belt and Road projects flows through Singapore,” Singapore’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Stanley Loh stated during his talk at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB). “China’s financial sector will only open up more and more, it is only a question of pace. We have to stay ahead of the curve and be relevant and stay connected.”

CKGSB’s Executive Education hosted the National University of Singapore Business School for a specially designed 3-day course, Asia Leaders in Financial Institutions (ALFI) China module, at its Beijing campus. The program aims to develop senior management and financial business leaders as they prepare for the impacts from the US-China Trade War on the global economy. Chief Adviser to the China Securities Regulatory Commission and ICBC Bank Board Member, Mr. Anthony Neoh raised to the participants, “The idea is to open up, however in opening up the question is, how do you deal with the foreign currency issue?” The China module enables participants to remain relevant and meet the shifting needs of global business, particularly through gaining insights into doing business in China and forming deeper ties with Chinese companies that operate globally.

Through the program’s module at CKGSB, participants are able to see the world through the China lens, while also gaining insights into how China’s history and the globalization of Chinese companies are affecting the world economy and various industries therein. During Dean Xiang’s presentation, he discussed how, “Neoliberalism is the way to go for any emerging market, only capitalism can generate this kind of dynamism. China is the classic example of building something from scratch, it is no different to the American story in that regard. It’s a matter of how societies will manage the potential negative consequences of this. In the future, emerging markets will find it far more difficult to imitate China’s way, as a result of AI and robotic technology.” CKGSB’s unparalleled China insights is key to truly understanding and being successful with the market. Emirates NBD Banks’ Head of Private Banking, Singapore, Debra Tran reflected, “Something we have learnt over the last few days, that is crucial, is learning about the history of China, it is vital in being able to penetrate the market for our companies.”

CKGSB Founding Dean, Xiang Bing, delivering a presentation at the ALFI China module

Program participants also had the opportunity to visit and tour leading innovation and technology giant, JD Group, to gain a first-hand insight into the company. Participants also had the opportunity to listen to Vice President and Chief Economist of JD Digits, Dr. Shen Jianguang, to familiarize themselves with the day-to-day operations of a prominent and innovative enterprise working in China. AIG Insurance Honk Kong’s Head of Financial Lines of Greater China, Cynthia Sze, described the experience, “Before these few days, I understood that China is advanced in technology, but it is better to see it with your own eyes, and going to JD really opened my eyes in how to use technology to improve operations and day-to-day functioning.”

Participants at a company visit to JD Group, with JD Digits’ VP and Chief Economist, Dr Shen Jianguang

The intensive 3-day course covered 9 academic topics, examining specific business, economic and financial issues in the context of China, including ‘Sino-US Relations and its Potential Global Implications’ and ‘Major Changes in the Global Economic Landscape and the Strategic Transformation of Enterprises’ taught by CKGSB’s Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization, Xiang Bing; a lunch discussion with Singapore’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Stanley Loh; ‘China’s Outbound Investments and China-ASEAN Bilateral Fund’ taught by Vice President of China Investment Corporation, Dr. Qi Bin; ‘China’s Insurance Industry: Developments and Prospects’ and ‘Future Trends of FinTech and the Insurance Industry’ taught by PICC’s Former Vice President, Mr. Wang He;  ‘China’s Economy Towards 2035’ taught by Bank of China’s Former Chief Economist, Mr. Cao Yuanzheng; and ‘China Perspectives’ taught by ICBC Bank Board Member, Mr. Anthony Neoh.

National University of Singapore’s 2019 ALFI China Module participants

CKGSB has hosted top business schools from around the world, such as Colombia Business School and University of Virginia Darden School of Business, since 2006. Besides this program, CKGSB also partners with leading schools across disciplines, such as Columbia Engineering, Berkeley Engineering, Hebrew University, Cambridge University’s Churchill College, and NYU Shanghai to deliver truly global programs that draw on the strengths of each institution. More than 3,000 international students have completed such Executive Education programs at CKGSB. Through these programs’ innovative curriculum, our world-renowned faculty and our senior-level business executives in the alumni network, students have access to exciting new ideas, ground-breaking research and innovative business practices originating from China.

Insightful discussions between participants during tea breaks

Participants enjoying a Chinese dining experience

Welcome dinner performance at a traditional Chinese restaurant

Lunch discussions with Singapore’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Stanley Loh

Networking with participants of the program

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