The Biotech Innovation Program: A Unique Collaboration between CKGSB and UC San Diego Rady School of Management

January 30, 2024 | School News

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) Rady School of Management are proud to announce the launch of the Biotech Innovation Program, a pioneering joint program specifically designed to empower CEOs, founders and investors in the life sciences and biotechnology industry. This program, to be held at UC San Diego on 9-13 September 2024, is strategically designed to equip participants with essential knowledge, leadership skills, and valuable connections to navigate the rapidly evolving biotech landscape. The program is part of the global ecosystem that CKGSB is fostering for the next generation of unicorns, with a renewed and enhanced emphasis on global responsibility, social purpose and long-term perspective.

The CKGSB-UC San Diego Rady School of Management Biotech Innovation Program bridges the expertise of the two prestigious institutions, offering a unique curriculum that dives into the technological, managerial and strategic aspects of biotech. Building on the success of CKGSB’s global ecosystem for next-generation unicorns, this collaboration will offer hands-on experiences and real-world insights to equip students with the critical tools, knowledge and connections necessary to drive growth and innovation. Participants will acquire skills to assess market potential, create strategic plans for product launch and development, and confidently navigate the entire commercialization process through a global perspective. Beyond knowledge acquisition, the program also facilitates valuable connections with industry leaders, experts and potential investors across cultures, crucial for driving growth and propelling companies towards achieving unicorn status. 


We are proud to be the first business school to offer programs specifically designed for unicorn and soon-to-be-unicorn founders. We aim to build a global ecosystem with schools like UC San Diego, who share a similar vision in global responsibility, social purpose and long-term perspective. To date, 1,188 founders of companies with at least Series A funding have studied at CKGSB, including the founders of 151 unicorn companies in total and 41 unicorn companies listed on CB Insights (2017-2022). We hope that we continue to be a catalyst for change, provide positive growth and social good for future-minded leaders.

— Xiang Bing, CKGSB’s Founding Dean and Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of China Business and Globalization

The CKGSB-UC San Diego Rady School of Management Biotech Accelerator Unicorn Program located in UC San Diego 01 - CKGSB

Located in the thriving biotech hub of San Diego, students will have a unique opportunity to interact with potential investors, expand opportunities to secure funding and access to an exclusive network of industry professionals, biotech entrepreneurs, and seasoned investors, opening up endless possibilities for visionaries in this field.


The Rady School has had an outsized impact on entrepreneurship in our 20 years as a business school, with over 330 ventures launched and more than $3.5 billion in private funding raised. We have built powerful partnerships with the local biotech industry and together advance not only the workforce, but also the research and knowledge underpinning the technical and management side of innovation.

— Lisa Ordóñez, Dean of the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego



Program Highlights

Joint Collaboration and Comprehensive Learning: The CKGSB-UC San Diego Biotech Innovation Program is a distinctive collaboration between two renowned institutions: Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and the UC San Diego Rady School of Management, along with partnership support from UC San Diego Extended Studies. Participants will benefit from a meticulously designed curriculum that offers an in-depth exploration of the biotech landscape with know-how and tools to scale-up an enterprise. The program dives deep into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities, ensuring a thorough understanding of both the academic and practical aspects of the industry.

Hands-on Experiences and Networking Opportunities: Beyond theoretical knowledge, the program emphasizes real-world insights through industry visits, labs, startup interactions, and case studies. These hands-on experiences, combined with panel discussions and guest lectures, offer participants a holistic view of the biotech sector's real-world challenges and successes. Additionally, the program presents an invaluable opportunity to engage with a diverse cohort of peers, industry leaders, renowned faculty, and investors, fostering a dynamic environment for networking and collaboration.

Leadership, Ethics, and Future Readiness: Designed with a forward-thinking approach, the program places a strong emphasis on leadership and biotech management skills tailored to the biotech industry's unique demands. Participants will delve into the ethical dimensions of biotech, navigating the sector's moral dilemmas and understanding the importance of responsible innovation. Furthermore, the program ensures participants are future-ready by exploring predictive trends, preparing them for the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of biotech.

Who should apply?

This program is exclusively tailored for the following individuals:

  • Board members and C-suite executives who are ready to shape and redefine their organization’s biotech trajectory, driving innovation and growth.
  • Senior leaders who have a strategic vision and are committed to effectively integrating life science research into their organization’s business models.
  • Investors and founders who are passionate about actively shaping the future of life science, going beyond being mere participants to becoming influential architects of this rapidly evolving field.

About the Organizers

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

CKGSB is China’s first privately-funded, research-intensive and non-for-profit business school. The school aims to cultivate transformative business leaders with a global vision, sense of social responsibility, innovative mindset, and ability to lead with empathy and compassion. Today, CKGSB stands apart for its 55 world-class faculty, more than half of whom previously held tenured positions at world-leading universities, such as University of Chicago and Columbia University. CKGSB’s alumni also represent the best and brightest in Greater China and wider region. In fact, more than half of CKGSB’s 22,000 alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level and, collectively, they lead one fifth of China’s 100 most valuable brands. Moreover, over 4,000 global executives have participated in CKGSB’s English-language Executive Education programs since 2009. CKGSB is the first business school in China, since 2015, and now globally to offer programs specifically designed for unicorn and soon-to-be-unicorn founders. It aims to build a global ecosystem for the next generation of unicorns, with a renewed and enhanced emphasis on global responsibility, social purpose and long-term perspective. Thus far, this ecosystem has nurtured 151 unicorn companies, including 41 unicorn companies listed on CB Insights (2017-2022).

UC San Diego Rady School of Management 

The UC San Diego Rady School of Management was founded in 2003, and created as a shared vision by local science and technology leaders with the goal of enhancing the vitality of the strong regional economy.  The Rady School offers a comprehensive portfolio of seven graduate Master’s programs, a PhD program and Executive Education courses.  

As part of the prestigious UC San Diego campus, the Rady School is surrounded by premier research institutions, accelerators and other top-ranked schools of excellence. 

UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies

Established in 1966, UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies is a catalyst for economic, intellectual, and cultural growth. Advancing the belief that great social and economic prosperity comes from integrating the collective knowledge of the university, community leaders and professionals, the Division of Extended Studies has a mission to serve the critical lifelong learning and skill development needs of individuals, organizations and the community. We do this through continuing education, certificate and degree-related programs; community initiatives that support economic and social development; and a wide array of public-service lectures, forums and special events delivered both on and off campus and through print, internet, radio and television.

UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies partners with businesses, civic leaders, nonprofits and UC San Diego to provide a range of public programs that enhance quality of life.

The CKGSB-UC San Diego Rady School of Management Biotech Accelerator Unicorn Program located in UC San Diego 02 - CKGSB

Program Information

Location | UC San Diego

Date | 9-13 September 2024

Fee | $9,250 USD 

Includes tuition, cases, materials, site visits, breakfast, lunch, and a closing dinner.

Early bird enrolment by January 31, 2024, receives 10% off the program fee.

CKGSB and Columbia Alumni – Receive up to 20% off the program fee. (To apply for this discount, please contact our representative in your region, found on the brochure’s back cover.)


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