Korean Media Names CKGSB as ‘Most Research-Focused Business School in China’
June 23, 2016

Korea’s renowned business newspaper, Aju Business Daily, highlighted CKGSB as one of China’s most prestigious business school. Dean Xiang Bing was interviewed by the paper, giving his insights into China’s economy and his global vision for CKGSB.


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Dean Xiang said the Li Ka Shing Foundation’s continuous support is the key to the school’s strength in research. “Without the generous support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, the school could not have grown into a global business school,” Dean Xiang Bing noted. “CKGSB has powerful financial resources thanks to the Li Ka Shing Foundation. Many Chinese universities are focused on making money nowadays, but CKGSB is trying to contribute to a larger global vision,” emphasized Xiang Bing.


When asked about the future of China’s economy, Dean Xiang Bing said, “When China’s economy is discussed, there will always be conflicting views but I am still optimistic.”


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