Evolving Business World Seeks the Need for Continuous Education
January 22, 2014

CKGSB Holds 2014 Sanya Forum & Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Executive Education (EE) Program

Sanya, January 9, 2014We are currently facing an age of globalization, uncertainty, and change, with an ever-evolving business landscape defined by the innovation – both in technology and beyond – that serves as its moving foundation. Under these circumstances, our global leaders of thought and business must continuously seek education in order to adapt to their dynamic surroundings. We as a school have recognized this theme and are working to introduce China insight and philosophy into the discussion of global leadership, and advance the concept of global governance,” said Xiang Bing, CKGSB’s Founding Dean, in his remarks at the 10th Anniversary of CKGSB’s Executive Education (EE) Program.

Dean Xiang gives opening remarks on 2014 Sanya Forum & the 10th Anniversary of Executive Education (EE) Program

This theme of globalization and change was echoed throughout the keynote speech given by Wei Jianguo, Vice Chairman & Secretary General of China International Economic and Exchange Center and Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce: “I hope that our entrepreneurs will position themselves as pioneers of the world, as opposed to pioneers of China alone.” Mr. Wei emphasized the importance of continuous education and the need for developing a global vision. “We are currently riding a wave of transformation, with the next ten years being especially important from a reformation standpoint. For businesses and entrepreneurs, this is the great time for taking on new challenges and opportunities.”

Mr. Wei Jianguo delivers keynote speech

Further on the innovation front, e-commerce and mobile internet have become the hottest topics of 2013, with the potential of making tremendous impacts on the business world (even more-so than they have already). Such technological innovations are considered by many business leaders to be the biggest challenges they’ve ever met, and have forced them to truly understand the impact of the phenomenon on their respective enterprises. During the keynote speech of Shen Guojun, Chairman of China Yintai Investment Co., Ltd. and CKGSB alumna, he emphasized the model of O2O (‘Online-to-Offline’): “Because of the development of mobile internet, O2O has created many challenges and opportunities to businesses. This is not something we’re historically accustomed to, but mid-to-long term success can only be achieved if you actively become involved in this area, which requires the integration of online and offline platforms.” Zhou Shaoxiong, Chairman of Septwolves, also supported this idea by claiming that “there is no doubt that the integration of traditional commerce and internet is the key to the future.” Other prominent speakers, such as Wang Jianguo, the Chairman of Fivestar Holding Group, and Wang Yang, the Global Vice President of IBM, all agreed that the business environment has changed and will continue to change, meaning that business leaders must make quicker decisions while learning to adapt to and cooperate with new technologies and platforms.

Prof. Jon Liao moderates a dialogue on mobile internet with prominent speakers including Shen Guojun, the Chairman of China Yintai Investment Co., Ltd., Sun Weimin, the President of Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd., Wang Changtian, the President of Enlight Media Co., Ltd., Wang Jianguo, the Chairman of Fivestar Holding Group, Wang Yang, the Global Vice President of IBM, and Zhou Shaoxiong, the Chairman of Septwolves

With rapid advancements in internet and e-commerce bring newer and bigger challenges to global businesses. As Dr. Jon Liao, Associate Dean and Professor of Managerial Practice, Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of CKGSB, concluded: “Mobile internet has changed the customers’ needs and products, as well as the structure and value of corporates.” In the age of e-commerce, future business leaders must quickly adapt to new trends, adjust their strategies, and most importantly, value the importance of continuous education as a routine and recipe for success.

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