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Innovation: Incubators tap homegrown innovation in China.

With close similarities to incubators in Silicon Valley and an arsenal of China-specific tactics for start-up success, Chinese incubators are moving beyond the traditional role of incubators. They are creating an environment in which start-up companies can survive and thrive.



  • Back to School: Some Chinese companies like Huawei and Haier are taking training to a whole new level by setting up in-house universities.
  • Banking Abroad: The globalization strategies of China’s banks.
  • The Web Wise-Up: Sophisticated consumers are forcing China’s e-commerce companies to raise standards of quality and service.
  • Smartphones for All: Domestic smartphone companies like Lenovo and Huawei are set to give global companies like Apple and Nokia a run for their money in China, the world’s largest smartphone market.
  • Money Squeeze: The first signs of light emerge amidst the dark prospects for private enterprises in China’s ever-tightening credit market
  • Yum! Brands: The parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut is facing a tough time in China. What went wrong?
  • Breaking into Digital China: Multinational retail brands like Best Buy and The Home Depot are ditching the brick and mortar model and trying to make a play in China via e-commerce.
  • Greentech: After record smog and a leadership change, what’s in store for energy policy and green investment in China?
  • The US SEC versus accounting firms in China: CKGSB’s Qi Daqing and Peking University’s Paul Gillis share their views on the regulatory battle.


  • The Robert Aumann Interview: Nobel Prize winner Robert Aumann in conversation with CKGSB professor Mei Jianping.
  • The Thinker Interview: Organizational behavior expert Jeffrey Pfeffer of Stanford on the human sustainability of organizations.
  • C-Suite Interview: Baidu CFO Jennifer Li on navigating a rapidly evolving market, and Baidu’s globalization strategy.
  • Q&A: Scottish billionaire Sir Tom Hunter on his idea of ‘Venture Philanthropy’.


  • Business on the Battlefield: Sun Tzu’s Art of War has made numerous contributions to the world of business and strategy.

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