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China Data: McDonald’s China Ups the Ante

by CKGSB Knowledge

June 15, 2016

From stats on wind power to McDonald’s China restaurant openings, the numbers you need to know.

The world’s largest restaurant chain is gearing up to do even more in China. In a bid to make China its second-largest market globally (it is currently No 3 after the US and Japan), fast food company McDonald’s is set to open 1,250 new outlets in China over the next five years. The expansion drive shows that despite recent troubles over food safety in China, McDonald’s continues to be gung ho about its prospects in the country. Even concerns over a slowing economy aren’t dampening is spirits. McDonald’s is betting on population growth and rising urbanization to give sales a boost.

We bring you the latest numbers from China: from Ronald McDonald’s China plans to wind power and pork prices in the country. Please click on the image to view.

China Data
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