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Demographic Dilemma

The scale of the challenge created by China’s rapidly aging population is only now becoming clear.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Jun. 1 2021

The Silver Age: China’s Aging Population

Unlike its developed counterparts, China is aging before it gets prosperous. Its population structure is like Japan’s of the.

by Wynne Wang | Oct. 17 2016

What Does the End of the One-Child Policy Mean for China?

After 37 long years, China finally abandoned the one-child policy and caught many observers off-guard. The two-child.

by Xin En Lee | Apr. 6 2016

New Youth: Understanding China’s Millennials

China’s millennials are an increasingly complex demographic, who as well as enjoying the fruits of China’s reform and.

by Chris Russell | Feb. 3 2016

Migrant Workers in China: A Tale of Growing Cities

The growing legions of migrant workers in China have had far reaching implications on the process of urbanization in China.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Aug. 25 2015

JingJinJi, a Chinese Megalopolis in the Making

A megalopolis six times the size of New York, JingJinJi will ease the pressures being faced by China's capital.

by Li Hui | Aug. 20 2015

Chinese Social Structure Holds the Key to a Richer Nation

Changing the Chinese social structure may save the country from the proverbial ‘middle-income trap’, says Salvatore Babones, an expert.

by Major | Apr. 15 2015

Leta Hong Fincher on the Pursuit of Marital Property in China

Author and researcher Leta Hong Fincher on the confounding phenomenon of women forfeiting their property wealth in China.

by Suzanne Edwards | Oct. 6 2014

Heart 2 Heart: Online Dating Sites in China

Online and mobile dating should be a natural fit for the country, so why are are dating sites in China.

by Sunny Oh | Aug. 6 2014

Aging Population in China: Having a Senior Moment

The aging population in China needs a housing solution. So what’s stopping the industry from booming? Since the beginning.

by Sarah O'Meara | Jul. 22 2014

Private Healthcare in China: Will Business Sentiment Survive?

China’s public healthcare system is ill-equipped to handle growing demand. On the other hand, private healthcare in.

by Suzanne Edwards | May. 26 2014

Urbanization in China

Over the last three decades, China has made it its mission to rapidly urbanize. And the year 2013 marked a.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Oct. 1 2013

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