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The China E-commerce Model

by Frank Lavin | Feb. 28 2023

The potential for foreign businesses in China’s vast e-commerce market is huge, but growth can only be attained.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

by Teng Binsheng and Wang Xiaolong | Jul. 29 2022

Oat drink company OATLY successfully navigated its entry into the China market via three key choices, including who it should.

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The Tesla Model

Elon Musk’s Tesla is bucking many trends in its new venture in the massive China market.

by Mark Andrews | Nov. 11 2020

Will China’s EV Startup Nio Be the ‘Tesla Killer’?

Chinese auto startup Nio has its sights set on one goal: supplanting Tesla as the world’s top luxury electric.

by Allen Young | Sep. 17 2018

Why Chinese Consumers are Leaving Multinational Brands on the Shelf

More domestic brands appearing on store shelves may indicate that the golden days for foreign brands are slipping away.

by Richard Whiddington | Jun. 20 2018

The Rise of HNA: Flying Too High?

HNA Group is the most acquisitive Chinese conglomerate in China. Through acquisitions, the group quadrupled its size and made its.

by Liu Sha | Jun. 28 2017

Is Didi Chuxing Grappling With a Pyrrhic Victory in China?

Didi Chuxing's battes in China are far from over.

by Liu Sha | Dec. 8 2016

A Firm Called Wanda

Dalian Wanda, one of China’s biggest property companies, has grown into an empire.

by Tom Nunlist | Oct. 10 2016

Uber-Didi Merger Ends a Fierce Rivalry for Market Share

The battle for car hailing market share has ended with Uber merging its Chinese business with Didi Chuxing.

by Jiang Yaling | Sep. 7 2016

Will Fosun Group Become Another Berkshire Hathaway?

Fosun Group has grown from a small consulting firm in Shanghai to China's largest private conglomerate.

by LiuSha | Aug. 3 2016

Uber China Faces a Massive Challenge in the China Market

Uber has largely managed to avoid conflict by operating as a separate Chinese subsidiary on the mainland.

by Claire van den Heever | Jul. 12 2016

Apple in China: Can it Retain its Shine?

Greater China is now Apple’s number two market after North America.

by Matthew Fulco | Apr. 25 2016

The Online Sector in China: When Rivals Work Together

China's online sector is witnessing a series of frenzied M&As and partnerships between sworn rivals.

by Li Hui | Jan. 11 2016

How BAT and Xiaomi are investing in other companies

Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi are busy investing in other companies to outdo each other.

by Li Hui | Nov. 10 2015

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