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Winning in China

The Tesla Model

by Mark Andrews | Nov. 11 2020

Elon Musk’s Tesla is bucking many trends in its new venture in the massive China market.

Why Chinese Consumers are Leaving Multinational Brands on the Shelf

by Richard Whiddington | Jun. 20 2018

More domestic brands appearing on store shelves may indicate that the golden days for foreign brands are slipping away.

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The Rise of HNA: Flying Too High?

HNA Group is the most acquisitive Chinese conglomerate in China. Through acquisitions, the group quadrupled its size and made its.

by Liu Sha | Jun. 28 2017

Is Didi Chuxing Grappling With a Pyrrhic Victory in China?

Didi Chuxing's battes in China are far from over.

by Liu Sha | Dec. 8 2016

TripAdvisor’s Approach in China: Travel Fills a Spiritual Void

Over 120 million Chinese went abroad and spent over $104.5 billion in 2015 and more are projected for 2016.

by LiuSha | Nov. 30 2016

A Firm Called Wanda

Wang Jianlin, Wanda’s CEO, the richest man in Asia once said, “Our goal is to make Wanda a brand.

by Tom Nunlist | Oct. 10 2016

Uber-Didi Merger Ends a Fierce Rivalry for Market Share

The battle for car hailing market share has ended with Uber merging its Chinese business with local rival Didi Chuxing.

by Jiang Yaling | Sep. 7 2016

Torben Pheiffer on Chinese Consumer Behavior in a Rapidly Changing Market

Chinese consumers have changed faster than consumers in probably any other market. Increasing exposure to international media and social media.

by Tom Nunlist | Aug. 17 2016

Will Fosun Group Become Another Berkshire Hathaway?

Fosun Group, the largest private conglomerate in China, has been on what looks like a no holds-barred acquisition spree.

by LiuSha | Aug. 3 2016

Uber China Faces a Massive Challenge in the China Market

Doing business in China has never been easy for foreign-owned companies, but Uber has largely managed to avoid conflict.

by Claire van den Heever | Jul. 12 2016

Apple in China: Can it Retain its Shine?

Greater China is now Apple’s number two market after North America, comprising 24% of its business. In October, Apple.

by Matthew Fulco | Apr. 25 2016

Chinese Acquisitions in the West: Making a Meal of It

The Chinese economy grew by 6.9% in 2015, the slowest pace in 25 years. The slowdown is likely to.

by Matthew Fulco | Apr. 11 2016

Dongfeng Renault Bets on Chinese Consumers

French carmaker Renault has finally begun production in China after selling imported cars here for more than a decade. In.

by Li Hui and Neelima Mahajan | Apr. 5 2016

What Ails Chinese Acquisitions Abroad?

Why do so many overseas acquisitions by Chinese companies not live up to expectations? Very often the blame is pinned.

by Ying Zhang | Mar. 14 2016

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