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The Thinker Interview

A Counter Narrative

by Mable-Ann Chang | Oct. 11 2021

Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, discusses the cost of protectionism and foresees trade as the major battlefield of.

Daniel Kahneman Interview: Less-Than-Rational Actors

by Tom Nunlist | Sep. 11 2017

Before Daniel Kahneman, few if any psychologists influenced the field of economics. But the Nobel laureate reversed the assumption underpinning.

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Henry Chesbrough on the Future of Open Innovation

Innovation communities will push the boundaries of Open Innovation, says Henry Chesbrough, the proponent of this revolutionary idea in management.

by Neelima Mahajan | Nov. 21 2012

The Thinker Interview: Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith’s brand of leadership appeals to everyone – from Fortune 500 CEOs to the lay man. What.

by Neelima | Sep. 30 2012

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