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Navigating the World

by Mark Andrews | Mar. 15 2021

China has joined an elite group by launching its own global navigation system, BeiDou.

Facing Down the Virus

by Mable-Ann Chang | Oct. 21 2020

East Asia managed to contain COVID-19 quickly with a combination of three factors.

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Virtual Education

The COVID-19 crisis turned taking online classes from being a mere option to becoming an absolute necessity.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Jul. 8 2020

A Science Great Leap Forward

China has achieved notable scientific advancements over the past two decades, but challenges remain.

by Shi Wei Jun | May. 14 2020

The Future Is Now

The rollout of 5G is making global headlines, and China is at the forefront.

by Kevin Livingston | Feb. 19 2020

Alternate Realities: Massively Multiplayer Online Games in China

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) have become a part of China’s growing virtual entertainment culture.

by Colin Peebles Christensen | Dec. 16 2019

TikTok Shock

TikTok is the first Chinese app to take the world by storm, and its owner is now rubbing shoulders YouTube.

by Mark Andrews | Dec. 6 2019

China’s Bet on Smart Cities

China, home to half of the world’s Smart Cities, is rapidly enhancing its technology to upgrade urban management.

by Jens Kastner | Nov. 25 2019

Nothing but Blue Skies: Is Your Flying Taxi Finally on the Way?

Until now, only billionaires and James Bond villains flew to work, but someday, you too may have a faster commute.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 30 2019

Comac Takes Off

China’s state-owned aircraft manufacturer, Comac, offers an alternative to foreign passenger jets.

by Matthew Fulco | Sep. 17 2019

After Ofo: How the Bike-sharing Firm’s Collapse Changed China’s Tech Sector

Right up until the moment his company imploded, Ofo founder Dai Wei insisted he was building a corporate empire to.

by Dominic Morgan | May. 13 2019

Can Blockchain Technology Fix China’s Food Safety Problem?

On a remote farm nestled deep within the mountainous region of Daozhen, in China’s southwestern Guizhou Province, thousands of.

by Timothy Ang | Mar. 11 2019

How China’s E-commerce Boom Pushes Automation to the Next Level

Compared to other sectors, Chinese e-commerce firms are among the first batches of firms to embrace automation. China accounts.

by Dominic Morgan | Jan. 8 2019

Mending China’s Data Fences

Online data theft is rife in China, affecting more than 80% of Internet users, and tech companies often display a.

by Mark Andrews | Jan. 3 2019

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