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The Power of Pets

by Mable-Ann Chang | Apr. 2 2020

China's pet care industry is booming as pet owners spend more money on their beloved animal companions.

Taking First Place

by Mable-Ann Chang | Dec. 19 2019

China has the greatest number of self-made female billionaires in the world.

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Charitable Giving in China—from Passion to Impact

Philanthropy has taken a firm hold amongst middle class urban residents in China, especially through CSR programs.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Oct. 25 2019

Tim Schneider on the Most Pressing Question in the Art World

Q&A with art writer Tim Schneider on China, the gallery system, and the future of art.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 21 2019

Building a Future for Chinese Art

High demand for Western art may be holding back the growth of China’s own art.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 17 2019

Why Hasn’t Chinese Money Reshaped the Global Art Market?

The global art market continues to be dominated by auction houses and dealers in New York and London.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 15 2019

Bursting At The Seams: Obesity in China

China’s obesity levels have skyrocketed, with rates in certain demographics approaching Western standards.

by Timothy Ang | Oct. 2 2019

Standing Up for Women

When Dame Barbara Woodward was named British Ambassador to China in February 2015, she became the first woman ever to.

by Liu Sha | Sep. 6 2019

Climate of Mistrust: China’s Vaccine Dilemma

After a stream of scandals and medical incidents, the Chinese public appears to be losing faith in drugs made in.

by Timothy Ang | Aug. 29 2019

Should China Worry About the Finances of Its Rising Middle Class?

China is counting on the middle class to drive consumption levels higher, yet consumer debt keeps climbing.

by Douglas Bulloch | Apr. 2 2018

Where Are Migrant Workers in China Moving to?

Economic changes and government policies are driving millions of China’s migrant workers away from the wealthy coastal regions back.

by Dominic Morgan | Mar. 27 2018

With Poor Care at Home, the Rich Lead China’s Medical Tourism Boom

Wellness tourism is a $3.7 trillion market globally and China is becoming one of the largest source countries for.

by Liu Sha | Sep. 20 2017

The Office of the Future: Palace or Co-Working Hive?

Traditional offices are disappearing—some are being redesigned to be beautiful spaces that employees actually want to come to work.

by Bennett Voyles | May. 8 2017

So long, Cube Farmer: Telecommuting, Co-working and the End of the Office

Do you like to work in a café like Starbucks or do you prefer staying in your cubical at the.

by Bennett Voyles | Apr. 24 2017

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